Ortoetruria WeCom towards the final for the B, PalaMalè needs the push of the fans

Sport – Basketball – Serie C gold – Game 1 will be played on Monday against the blue star Rome – The opponent is first level and the club asks for help from its supporters

by Samuele Sansonetti

Sport – Basketball – Blue Star – The team

Viterbo – After eight years, Viterbo basketball returns to host a final for Serie B.

From June 2014 to June 2022, at PalaMalè you can breathe the air of great basketball with the last act of the playoffs that will be played starting from Monday.

The opponent of Ortoetruria WeCom, as expected, is the blue star Roma who arrives at the final after the success on Virtus Roma and represents a difficult obstacle to overcome.

The goal for the Blue Star Viterbo is near and trying to overcome the last obstacle is a goal to be pursued also thanks to the support of the public. Race 1, in fact, is played in Viterbo as well as the eventual game 3: the push of the fans, in games of this kind, is often decisive and the hope of the biancostellato club is to fill the stands of the building in via Monti as much as possible. Cimini.

The team deserves it, having achieved 15 wins out of 16 games in the regular season, four out of six in the promotion phase and four out of five in the playoffs. A path that, to become perfect, needs one last step that Ortoetruria WeCom wants to take together with its fans.

“We know that it will be necessary to play a perfect series and we will try – commented coach Umberto Fanciullo in recent days -. But in addition to our performance, we will need the public for great occasions, a packed grandstand capable of dragging the boys into an extraordinary undertaking. This year, especially in the playoff matches, we have had a lot of public, but when we go down to the PalaMalè parquet, our supporters will have to represent the sixth player on the pitch “.

The duo ball, Monday night, is for 9pm.

Samuele Sansonetti

June 11, 2022



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