Olympic champion in 3 × 3 basketball Kārlis Lasmanis made his debut in the professional streetball league in the USA

Kārlis Pauls Lasmanis.

Kārlis Pauls Lasmanis.

Kārlis Pauls Lasmanis.

Gints Narogs, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji”

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Olympic champion in 3 × 3 basketball Kārlis Lasmanis made his debut in the professional streetball “Big3” league in the USA.


The Aliens team represented by Lasman beat the Enemies team in the 52:44 race in Chicago. Ventspils stood out with 18 points, being the second most productive match after teammate and captain Dušana Buluta (22). It was the Serb Buluts who contributed to the fulfillment of the Latvian dream of playing in the “Big3” league, entering the ranks of “aliens”. Lasmanis scored the first 12 points with long shots, the next six from the bottom of the basket after passing, also collecting five rebounds, passing and intercepting one ball twice.

In the Big3 League, the long shot gives three points, as well as three specially marked four-point zones 9.1 meters from the basket. The game takes place up to 50 points scored by one team, but the advantage must not be less than two points. There are 12 teams in the Big3 League, which will run nine races until August 7, followed by the playoffs.


Lasmanis will not take part in the second race, which will take place in Chicago this weekend, because he joined the Latvian national team in Antwerp (Belgium) yesterday, where the World Cup will start. Olympic champions Nauris Miezis and Agnis Čavars, as well as Artūrs Strēlnieks, will also play in the Latvian national team, as the fourth gold medalist Edgars Krūmiņš did not fully recover after a shoulder injury.

20 teams will take part in the World Cup, divided into four groups in the preliminaries. Latvia will meet with China and Japan in Group C tomorrow, and will play against the Netherlands and Poland in Midsummer. The winner of the group will immediately enter the quarterfinals, the winner of the second and third place will compete in the eighth final with the second and third teams of Group B (Lithuania, Germany, Mongolia, Taiwan, Chile). Three years ago, in the World Cup in Amsterdam, Latvians fought to the final, in which the Americans lost (14:18).




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