Neuhofer Kodokanteam takes bronze three times

Jena/Neuhof (oz/sp) – Almost 600 participants from almost 100 clubs met for the Judo Sparkassen Cup in Jena. The Judo Club Jena hosted the two-day event. A total of 796 individual matches determined the winners in the various age and weight classes. The Kodokan team from Neuhof took bronze three times.

The fighters came from eleven state associations and neighboring countries. Despite strong competition, the five East Hessian participants from the Kodo Kanteam Neuhof were able to win three medals and also took fifth and seventh place. Neuhof’s trainer Albrecht Melzer was consistently satisfied with the performance of his athletes and certified his participants’ continuously improving form of competition.

In the U18 women, Rabea Hohmann secured herself in the class up to 63 kilos, with successes against Frida Szibor (Jena / 0:18), Lea Winter (Munich / 1:44) and Milla Kolba (Magdeburg / 0.07) and one defeat against Sophia Matsiridi (Potsdam / 1:21), the bronze medal. Lara Schäfer (U18 up to 63 kilos) started with a win against Rabea Schmidt (Jena / 1:22), lost to the later class winner Matsiridi (Potsdam) after a hard fight (2:53) by grab and against Antonia Fark (Bad Homburg / 0 :44) and achieved a good fifth place in the final ranking.

Other bronze medals went to Michelle Müller (U15 to 48 kilos) and Fabian Hohmann (U15 to 50 kilos). While Müller had a win against Hannah Duve (halberstadt) and defeats against lucy joelle (doebeln) and aylin sydokowa (giessen) in the balance sheet, club colleague fabian hohmann (under 15 up to 50 kilos) was able to win against mats löhner (branschweig) and ludwig wolfram (Jena) and a defeat against Benjamin Raabe (Chemnitz) secured the podium.

Conrad Coester (under 15s up to 60 kilos) also showed good performances, taking a respectable seventh place with a balanced record of two wins and two losses.



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