NBA: Golden State clearly defeats Boston, excitement around Draymond Green

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Excitement about “Warrior” Green – “He then tried to take my pants off”

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Golden States’ Draymond Green (r.) tangled with players from the Boston Celtics several times

Source: AP/Stephen Lam

The Golden State Warriors equalize against Boston in the finals series. Stephen Curry towered over the sovereign victory. Afterwards, however, Draymond Green is particularly in the spotlight, who continues to heat up the duel.

Dhe Chase Center in San Francisco shook with every shot made by the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. As at the start on Thursday, the hosts pulled away again in the third quarter – but now the lead was so big that the record champions from the east coast gave up all attempts to catch up early on and at least wanted to save energy for the other games.

This series will be hard work – and there are at least three games left before a team has the necessary four achievements to earn the title. At the earliest, it could be the next game in San Francisco.

The Warriors won 107:88 around superstar Steph Curry, who took control in the third quarter after an unremarkable first half by his standards. “Steph was stunning in the quarter,” said Golden States coach Steve Kerr. “Not just the throws made, but also his defensive efforts.” Curry was also satisfied with himself and his defensive performance. “That was always a focus when trying to win basketball games,” said the 34-year-old. “I put a lot of work into that.”

Golden State Warriors - Boston Celtics

Stephen Curry (center) was unstoppable, especially in the third quarter, and led Golden State to victory

Source: dpa/Ezra Shaw

Curry won three balls in addition to his 29 points. So he had a big part in the concerns of the Celtics. “There were far too many turnovers. I think almost 20 turnovers, 33 points from that. That’s the game,” said national player Daniel Theis of the German Press Agency. “Third quarter, we have to turn that off. We can’t hope, like in the first game, that we go minus 15 and then come back in a game like this.” The Warriors, on the other hand, only conceded 15 points after losing possession.

Green on the verge of being unsportsmanlike

There was excitement around Draymond Green. The Warriors’ power forward faced the guests with his physical game and repeatedly scratched the threshold of unsportsmanlike. Just before halftime, when Green fell on the Celtics star Jaylen Brown after a three-goal attempt and prevented him from getting up. “He had his legs on my head. I tried to get up,” Brown described the scene from his perspective. “I don’t know what I should have done. He had his feet on my head and then tried to take my pants off.”

When they got up, the two then fought a battle of words before several players and the referees intervened. Lucky for Golden State, referees ruled for a normal foul; Green had already suffered a technical foul at this point and would have been sent off the field with the second.

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“Thats my job. I need to continue that on the show,” Green said, referring to another heated scene in which he fought for the ball with Al Horford. “It’s not getting easier, it’s just getting harder. So you have to step up your game.”

The Warriors are hoping for the seventh title in their history and the first since 2018. If the Celtics win after 14 years of waiting, they would again be the sole record champions in the NBA with 18 wins ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers. Game three takes place early Thursday morning (3 a.m. EDT) in Boston.

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