Montpellier celebrates its champions with immense fervor (video)

Less than 24 hours after their success in the final of the Top 14 against Castres (29-10), the Hérault players celebrated their first title of champions of France on the Place de la Comédie.

The night promises to be long in Montpellier this Saturday, to celebrate the first title of champion of France in the history of the Hérault club won Friday evening, at the Stade de France, at the expense of Castres (29-10).

Three to four thousand supporters converged on the Place de la Comédie in Montpellier on Saturday to celebrate this coronation and welcome their heroes. The emblematic leader of the club, Fulgence Ouedraogo, who is ending his career, and his partners presented the first Brennus shield in the history of this team on a platform facing the Comédie opera house, in contagious jubilation . “We are the champions, we are the champions“, proclaimed a very family audience, in the middle of a few smoke bombs, blue and white flags and a gardian (guardian of a Camargue herd) on horseback.

«Fufu“ Ouedraogo, 35, who did not play in the final, will have lived his entire career in Montpellier, from the meanders of the race to maintain at the end of the 2010s until the first two finals lost in 2011 and 2018, respectively in front of Toulouse Stadium and Castres. “I came to greet old people like Fufu, Paillaugue or Guirado (Editor’s note: the former hooker of the France team), “confided Philippe, a loyal supporter for twenty years. “This is an important moment for them, but also for the club. This first title can allow him to take a step, to experience a click».

After a festive night in Paris, the MHR players landed late Saturday afternoon at Montpellier station, before joining the Comédie aboard two buses, shortly after 8 p.m. “It’s a totally deserved title for the players in view of their season“, assured the international player of Montpellier Caroline Boujard, present on the Comédie with friends:”Until then, they had achieved great things, but they did not have this title. The only title of champion of France won by the MHR was the fruit of the women’s teamsmiled the three-quarters of the France team, which is about to prepare for the World Cup in New Zealand.

Ten years after the coronation of the footballers of Louis Nicollin, former president who died in 2017, Mohed Altrad’s MHR has enjoyed a walkabout in a city that has favored the place of all sports for four decades. The MHR, a young club born in 1986, has more than ever won its place in Languedoc, long dominated by the prestigious Hérault neighbor Béziers and its eleven titles, and in French rugby.

«I come here to celebrate a title every ten years. I was present in 2012 to celebrate the title of the band in Girard“(Editor’s note: René Girard, the coach of the Montpellier football champions), smiled Julien, wearing a Montpellier Hérault jersey with his eight-year-old son on his shoulders. “This title can have a real popular impact“explained this entrepreneur. “The players and staff of the MHR, new French rugby champions, invite you to the Place de la Comédie to celebrate together“, had launched the town hall. And they were thousands of Montpellier residents of all ages, including many families with the club jersey, to answer the call, before heading to the GGL stadium to continue the evening with the new champions of France.



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