Men’s Japan defeats start in a row … Poland and Latvia lose: 3×3 Basketball World Cup 2022

The three-player basketball “Cleran FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) 3×3 Basketball World Cup 2022” celebrated its second day on June 22nd. A men’s and women’s pool match (group stage) was held, and the men’s representative from Japan in pool C played against Poland and Latvia. Japan lost 13-21 to Poland, the first match of the tournament, and also suffered a black star 5-22 against Latvia.

Men’s Pool C finished two games for each team, with two wins for Latvia and the Netherlands. Poland follows with one win. China national team and Japan have lost two.

On the 23rd, the women’s Japan national team, who currently has 1 win and 1 loss, will face Romania in the 3rd round of the pool match and Germany in the 4th round.

Cleran FIBA ​​3×3 Basketball World Cup 2022(FIBA official website)

■ Combination


  • POOL A: Serbia, France, Puerto Rico, Brazil, New Zealand
  • POOL B: Lithuania, Germany, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei, Chile
  • POOL C: Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Japan, China
  • POOL D: Belgium, USA, Austria, Egypt, Slovenia

  • POOL A: Germany, Romania, Lithuania, Japan, China
  • POOL B: France, USA, Austria, Brazil, New Zealand
  • POOL C: Poland, Mongolia, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Belgium
  • POOL D: Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Chile, Israel

■ Japan national team competition schedule / broadcast schedule

[Broadcast schedule]

[Competition schedule / scheduled delivery start time]

June 21st (Tuesday) Day 1 Pool Battle

  • 18:15[Women]vs. Lithuania National Team
  • 22:15[Women]vs. Representative of the People’s Republic of China

June 22 (Wednesday) 2nd day pool game

  • 18:45[Men]vs. Poland National Team
  • 22:50[Men]vs. Latvia National Team

June 23 (Thursday) 3rd day pool game

  • 18:15[Women]vs. Romanian National Team
  • 21:50[Women]vs. Germany National Team

June 24th (Friday) 4th day pool game

  • 18:45【Men】vs. Chinese representative
  • 21:50[Men]vs. Netherlands National Team

June 25th (Sat) 5th Final Tournament

  • [Men][Women]Last 16 games, quarterfinals

June 26th (Sun) 6th Final Tournament

  • [Men][Women]Semifinals, 3rd place playoff, finals

■ 3×3 Basketball World Cup

Unlike the “FIBA 3×3 World Tour,” which allows players to participate in open members with no restrictions on nationality, the “Cleran FIBA ​​World Cup 2022” tournament is held as a competition for each team representing each country and region, and this is the seventh time. Count. Popular with young people, 3×3 basketball made its debut as the first Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 last summer, and will be held in Paris 2024.

With 20 teams from around the world for both men and women, this tournament will be divided into four pools, each of which has five teams, based on the FIBA ​​World Rankings. Each pool will play four games per team using a round robin (brute force) method, and if they reach first place in the pool, they will advance to the quarterfinals. If you reach 2nd or 3rd place in the pool, you will have a play-in match called “Last 16 Games” to compete for tickets to the final tournament.

21 – 26 Jun

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