Luján will be the regional venue for the 2022 Buenos Aires Games

Our Party will host the regional stage of the 2022 Buenos Aires Games. After having successfully developed the local stage, with a large number of registrants, Luján will finally be the host in different disciplines.

In this sense, there will be seven sports disciplines. Canoeing, which will take place at the El Timón Nautical Club, Gymnastics at the Elgafyn Gymnasium, Basketball will take place at the municipal public courts, Rugby at the Luján Rugby Club, while Badminton, Tennis Soccer and Women’s 5-a-side Soccer will be played at the Sports Center Municipal.

With the aim of designing the schedule for the Regional Stage, which will begin on July 1, representatives of the sports areas of the municipalities of Carmen de Areco, Chivilcoy, Exaltación de la Cruz met during the week at the Udaondo Museum in Luján. , General Rodríguez, Mercedes, Pilar, San Andrés de Giles, San Antonio de Areco and Suipacha.

It should be remembered that since last year the provincial finals were resumed in the coastal city of Mar Del Plata, so the local athletes will seek to get a ticket in each of their disciplines.



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