Luis Muriel: possible interest from Olympique de Marseille, in Atalanta is transferable | Colombians Abroad

Many Colombian players have decided to spend their vacations in the country, surrounded by friends and family, instead of going to exotic foreign beaches. The ones here are divine!

But beyond choosing a family rest destination, several are very aware of the cell phone, because their agents have a question to ask about the future. And one of them is Luis Muriel.

The Atlantic would have been put in the showcase by Atalanta, who would be interested in rejuvenating their squad after a season for oblivion and also alleviating the wage bill, considering that, without the Champions League, income is considerably reduced.

At 31 years old, it could be a good time for one more adventure in Europe and the reality is that there is a market for a man who is a guarantee of goals, as a starter and as a substitute -sometimes more in the latter condition-.

According to the expert Gianluca Di Marzio, Muriel would be in the Olympique de Marseille folder, under the command of Jorge Sampaoli, as experienced players are needed to enhance the payroll, thinking precisely of the next Champions League. Muriel’s goal against Real Madrid is a great cover letter, thinking about that goal.

For the Colombian, it would be a great alternative not only because it represents a European competition that Atalanta does not offer, but also because he would consider that his cycle has already been completed and, joining one of the teams that discusses titles with PSG, is not a bad option. For now there is no interest and the cost of 15 million euros is not a minor detail. We will have to give time to time.


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