La Siritide – 19/06/2022 – Lauria is the site of an important archery competition

Lauria site of an important archery competition


Lauria was the site today of an important archery competition. Event that took place in the splendid scenery of Piano Malerba, a natural macro-attractor that offers a beautiful show between the plays of sunlight and the crystalline waters of the Sinni.

The competition, valid as the third round of the national ranking – Type 3 D Perfect-, is taking place along a natural path in the woods, specially equipped with 16 shooting pitches, which runs along the Sinni River and part of the Canicella wood.

It is an honor for the archers of our association declares the president Michelangelo Cozzi- having received the assignment of the CSEN Federation of Cosenza to organize the interregional event, valid for the third test of today’s national ranking and we are proud to be able to organize the fourth test always in Lauria on next 10 July. The assignment of the organization of these events at an inter-regional level, the recognition by the Federation of archery of the organizational and technical skills to the Arcieri del Noce association which makes use of a splendid environmental scenario, such as that of Piano Malerba. We are ready to host a national event, thanks to the nature and technical professionalism of our members.

All this, every year, attracts archers from the regions of Puglia, Calabria, Campania and Basilicata in our municipality in ever increasing numbers.

In the archery history of archery field shooting, there has never been such a massive participation. 96 participants – the maximum number allowed on an outdoor national level – were registered, also due to the fact that the Canicella wood is considered, according to the experts, one of the best fields in the center-south.

The most beautiful results of our administration is having removed the devastating situation in which the Piano Malerba area was found – says Mayor Pittella – and for having made it usable again. Today for the archers’ competition and every day for all those who want to have a picnic, will want to go trekking or want to go for walks thanks to the purest air in an enchanting environment. A great joy.



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