Kuchta is running away from the Russian league, he is negotiating with Sparta. And Slavia can lose money

The biggest star of the June program of the national football team in the League of Nations was clearly forward Jan Kuchta. He showed famous performances especially in domestic matches with the Swiss and the Spaniards. And many agreed: He wants from Russia, he plays for engagement in the West.

Jan Kuchta really doesn’t want to play for Lokomotiv Moscow, where he moved from Prague’s Slavia in January this year for five million euros. A few weeks later, however, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. And many foreign athletes, primarily Finnish hockey players, but also football coaches from Germany, for example, began to leave Putin’s Russia in a hurry.

Jan Kuchta now obviously wants to use summer breaks to change his jersey. According to several sources, the List of News was intensively negotiating today at Letná about its engagement in Sparta, Prague.

This was surprising information for the Slavic camp. The white and white would also be interested in Kucht’s services in Eden, but the 184-centimeter striker now apparently clearly prefers the Spartan offer.

None of the interested parties yet wants to officially comment on the situation. According to the List of News reporter, Slavia’s representatives are currently worried that they will not lose the transfer amount for Kuchta in the amount of five million euros. Lokomotiv Moscow has not yet reimbursed them for this.

Jan Kuchta can now go to Sparta or anywhere else in two basic ways.

1) The standard way for Sparta or another club to buy a player from Lokomotiv. In that case, it would most likely be several million euros.

2) Sparta or another candidate may use a special FIFA regulation, which applies to foreign footballers operating in the Russian or Ukrainian league. Due to the ongoing war, these players may suspend their engagement in Russian or Ukrainian clubs until June 30, 2023.

In other words, for a year, these footballers, including Jan Kuchta, can work at a different address without their new club having to pay anything to Lokomotiv Moscow.

In Slavia, they fear that if Sparta used this second method, Lokomotiv could block the money that Slavia owed for Kucht’s January transfer to Moscow. This transaction is not overdue yet, according to the original agreements, the money should reach Prague in August.

According to sources, the Slavists are already calling behind the scenes at Sparta to pay for Kuchta, or at least to guarantee a Slavic claim.

If Sparta decides to get players for free on the basis of special FIFA rules associated with the war, Kuchta would, of course, have to return to Russia in a year. However, if FIFA did not prolong the “holidays” outside Russia and Ukraine for footballers over time, which could happen if the war continues.


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