JuVi makes the dream come true, defeats San Miniato 56-47 and flies to A2

It is a cry of joy at the Pala Radi, in the most magical evening ever, JuVi crowns the dream, beating San Miniato 56-47 and conquering the coveted pass for A2, giving Cremona the last promotion of an equally magical season. After the grigiorosse emotions with the Cremo in Serie A, after those of the Esperia that conquered the A2 volleyball, come the shivers of the Oroamaranto Giglio that consecrates the city of the torrazzo in the elite of sport with a capital A.


In a roaring building, Alessandro Crotti’s men enchant and exalt with a performance all of the heart and nerves. The 2-1 of the series made the opportunity hot, JuVi believed in it until the last possession, making the most beautiful dream come true.


The pressure is very high, the expectations in the fifth promotion (from the rebirth) too, and despite the tiredness accumulated in the PlayOff marathon Elvis and his teammates are filled with pride and attacked hard for all 40 ‘. A final not beautiful, as often happens when the ball is seriously hot, but intense and exciting.


And it is Captain Vacchelli, Marco Bona and the grim defense of Preti and Gobbato who move the balance in a match that goes down in history.


Everything is played in the last quarter, the three “ignorant” triples and the bloody recovery of the captain oroamaranto are undoubtedly worth the title of best player without taking anything away from the enormous weight of the Cremonese gunslinger who with his 13 points, 4 assists and countless plays of experience had a leading role both in this final and in the rest of the championship.


A mention and applause, however, should also be made to “our” Bimbo Lorenzetti who comes out of the most important match of the year with a very high head putting 18 of the 47 points of San Miniato on the board.


Cremona is celebrating again, the JuVi company crowns a crazy season made up of 33 victories and only 7 defeats, the most beautiful victory of its seventy years of history. Strong emotions on the Palàs parquet, players, technicians, clubs and all lily hearts come together in one big hug. A well-deserved and sweaty hug until the last second of this very hot and unforgettable summer evening.


JuVi Cremona 56
San Miniato 47
Partial: 10-14 / 19-11 / 11-13 / 16-9

JUVI: Giulietti 7, Fumagalli 8, Nasello 5, Gobbato 6, Bona 13, Preti 6, Vacchelli 11, Sipala, Milovanovikj, Bandera, De Martin, Dal Cero.
All. Crotti

ETRUSCAN: Benites 8, Lorenzetti 18, Caversazio 2, Guglielmi 2, Tozzi 5, Mastrangelo 9, Bellachioma 2, Scomparin, Capozio, Candotto, Emelani, Tamburini.
All. Marchini

MVP: Elvis Vacchelli

It matches:

At the start of the match Cremona is immediately dangerous on the painted with the plays of Bona, Gobbato and Fumagalli who immediately gives away two important possessions, the Etruscans struggle to overcome the juvino barrier with Bombo Lorenzetti who does not find his usual precision and physicality (8-4 ). On the first round of changes the Tuscans raise the level of defense and recovering 7 heavy possessions, they engage and overcome (10-12). At the end of the first quarter Sipala becomes aggressive managing to dirty Mastrangelo’s shots but Bellachioma from the average fixes the 10-14 of the 10 ‘.


In the second quarter Vacchelli and Nasello return, Giulietti on the edge of 24 “and an unleashed Elvis give the 15-14 at 12 ‘followed closely by Preti who slips the pearl of 17-14 from outside the area. Caversazio from three tries to give the shock to the Etruscans but the gunslinger oroamaranto responds with the same meter defending the advantage (20-17). Coach Marchini’s time out does not seem to have any effect, the guests are still struggling to find their balance while Bona continues to grind points with her jump (22-18). Preti under the press boards Caversazio’s attempt and with Giulietti particularly prolific in defense, Etrusca is in even more difficulty. but he believes in it and with his 7th personal point brings Cremona back ahead (26-22 at 17 ‘). Mastrangelo and Nasello sparkle from the bow, 7 “from the break Lorenzetti’s last possession fades under the weight of the excellent Priests who sends everyone to the locker room on 29- 25.


At the resumption the starting quintets line up again, Lorenzetti immediately scores for the 29-27, Juvi wastes two consecutive fouls, the crazy conclusion of Bona unfortunately comes over 24 “but Bona himself remembers that it is Sunday and remedies with the bomb only net of 32-27 (23 ‘) which further inflames the Pala Radi. Milovanovikj tries to repeat from below but gives possession to the Tuscans who realize with the penetration of Lorenzetti (32-30). Preti continues to do well in defense by limiting the cuts by Benites and Tozzi. Fumagalli (7) and Lorenzetti (12) take on responsibility weighing both on the partial and in recovering possessions (34-34), Bona returns to shore up the attack of the lily which in this third quarter struggles to find effective solutions (36-36 at 38 ‘). Gobbato unlocks the score after more than 2’ with unclimbed nets (39-38 at 29 ‘) finally it is Bona who closes the partial with the 1/2 with the clock stopped ( 40-38 at 30 ‘).


The last 10 ‘are on fire, despite the bloody defenses, the errors also due to fatigue and Bona who reaches the fourth foul Juvi remains ahead with Captain Vacchelli’s bomb that makes the public jump from the seats (43-40). At 33 ‘the situation becomes complicated with the hosts running out of bonus while the Etruscan leans on a Lorenzetti in full swing (43-42). But Elvis thinks again to put the most important triple (46-44) keeping the +2. The match picks up a frenzied pace when coach Crotti chooses the game with two plays. Vacchelli’s ignorant third triple from another push against the Tuscans (49-44), Lorenzetti remedies by breaking the area (49-46) but the referee whistle for Preti contributes not a little to raise the tension (49-47).


Everything is decided in the last minutes, Crotti reinserts Bona, Giulietti earns a foul (1/2 and 50-47), Elvis throws himself on the parquet and recovers a heavy possession by getting a slight injury and exits, two possessions of San Miniato do not enter, Bona attack the iron giving +5 (52-47).


The Pala Radi is all upright, Gobbato has his hands peeled with a fantastic recovery which, however, breaks on 24 “. Crotti asks for time to set up the defense of the last turn of the hands. Candotto misses the angled shot, Giulietti flies on the assist by Bona (54-47), Mastrangelo makes 0/2 and coach Crotti raises his arms to the sky, with 22 “on the scoreboard Cremona is already celebrating, Fumagalli with the time trial stopped makes no mistake (56-47) and on the rebound captured by Preti takes the well-deserved party.


A tribute to commemorate the first promotion of the “new” lily, where it all started




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