Judoka from Blau-Weiß Parchim master the next belt test

Still quickly practiced on the last techniques and throwing approaches. Then things got serious for the young judokas from SV Blau-Weiß Parchim. The second belt test of the year was coming up. 16 participants eagerly awaited the evening inspection, more than ever before – a club record.

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An additional challenge for everyone involved was that parallel to the exam, the normal training continued in the sports hall of the primary school west under the direction of Stephanie Mulsow.

Tension in the stands erupted in loud applause

Parents, grandparents and friends cheered on the crowded grandstand. The fingers crossed should have paid off. All candidates mastered the tasks and were awarded certificates and their new belts to loud applause from the ranks and the other athletes in the hall. Five white-yellow, two yellow, six yellow-orange, two orange-green and one green belt found a new owner that evening.

Confirmation of good training work

In addition to the performances shown, examiner Ralf Wilke (5th Dan) also praised the club’s good preparation for the exam. For the satisfied coaches of SV Blau-Weiss, the result was a confirmation of their training work.

With a barbecue in the summer break

Before the summer holidays begin, all of the Parchimer judokas are looking forward to the final barbecue, which Doreen Consten, chairwoman of the club, organized for June 29th.



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