Juan Camilo Salazar would not continue in Millonarios and would go abroad to soccer | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The final home runs of Colombian soccer advance, while the teams that were eliminated think about the formation of their respective squads for the second half of the year.

One of the clubs that goes through both situations is millionaireswho is focused on his crucial duel against Junior de Barranquilla and is pending the contractual status of his payroll.

Precisely in the last hours he echoed the situation of one of the team’s youth players, who by the way left the institution (on loan) looking for more regularity.

Journalist Henry Jiménez reported through social networks that Juan Camilo Salazar would have negotiated with the ambassador cadre his contractual freedomafter playing the last two semesters in Golden Eagles.

The midfielder, Juan Camilo Salazar (24) reached an agreement with @MillosFCoficial to remain as a free agent as of the date. His most recent team was @AguilasDoradas. He has several interesting options outside the country”, he wrote on Twitter.

It is worth remembering that the player who emerged from the minor albiazul divisions was loaned to the Antioquia cast in July 2021. In that period he played 32 games between the League and the Cup, scored three goals and provided one assist.

The institution commanded by Leonel Alvarez he finally decided not to keep his services and in this sense he must return to Millos, owner of his rights. Now, as reported by ‘Bocha’ Jiménez, Salazar would not put himself under the orders of Alberto Gamero.

If he finalizes his pass with a foreign club, that would then be his second experience outside of Colombia. The first occurred in 2019 when he spent six months in San Lorenzobut the transfer (which exceeded one million dollars) was not completed due to problems with payments from the Argentine team.



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