Jiu Jitsu course on defense against kicks | SKU

Jiu Jitsu: After a long Corona break, the Jiu Jitsu Union NRW is now also starting self-defence courses on various topics for Jiu Jitsu athletes. A Jiu-Jitsu course on how to defend against kicks on the street was offered in Schwerte.

When asked about this topic, Eike van de Boegart and Jelena Reinecke from the Jiu Jitsu department of the Judo Club Holzwickede took part in this course. Defenses against foot attacks while standing and lying on the ground were taught, which the participants had to practice intensively. If one part of the course was about practicing given defenses against kicks, the whole thing increased. Attacks had to be practiced against several opponents. In between, what was learned was put into practice with sparring units. It was a lot of fun, so the three hours of training just flew by. Eike and Lena will now pass on what they have learned during the usual training times in the club and we are already looking forward to the next course.

picture line: Jelena Reinecke and Eike van de Boegart


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