Japan Women’s Basketball National Team wins the first round of the international warm-up game against Turkey with iron wall defense and long-range artillery –Basketball Count |

Let’s hit a painful shot many times and keep it to 47 runs

On June 18, the Japan Women’s Basketball National Team took part in the international match against Turkey, the Mitsui Fudosan Cup 2022.

The five starting pitchers in Japan are Shiori Yasuma, Nanako Todo, Himawari Akaho, Monica Okoye, and Maki Takada. Japan had a height mismatch inside, but Yasuma kept putting pressure on the guards, so he couldn’t easily enter and forced a tough shot. She also had a trap where she actively set up a double team on the guard, triggering a lot of turnovers.

In the offense, kick out from the drive and aggressively aim for the outside shot from the interlocking ball move, and Okoye who has a good shot touch explodes with 15 points in this quarter alone. Japan, who put the lead in double digits with a one-man haste from the success of the trap, closed off with Azusa Asahina’s post play and took a large lead with 27-12.

Japan, which started in the second quarter and was under pressure from the front line, could not adjust, and the score was sluggish due to a turnover. Even so, Yasuma tried to increase his pace, earning a basket count on his own 3-point shot and activating the offense. Then, the offense worked, such as the quick ball move revived and the matching with paint was born. Japan, whose defense strength did not decline following the first quarter, put the lead on the 20s with a 3-point shot by Yuki Miyazawa, and continued to attack and finished the first half with 52-23.

Even in the second half, Japan’s defense worked well, such as inducing 8-second violations and 24-second violations. Not only the quick rotation, but especially when setting up a double team to the inside, the surroundings were well coordinated, and Turkey could hardly make a no mark. For this reason, it was common to see scenes where shot clocks were barely shot and shots were distressed.

In the offense, the number of trial shots of 3 point shots was larger than 2 points, and the success rate was 27.5%, which was the result of the first point, but the field goal success rate of 2 points was high probability of 55.2%. This is the result of many easy shots, such as haste and paint matching. Japan shared the playtime from the first half, and while all 15 players who entered participated, they won the final score of 77-49.



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