“If the Mavericks can get him, he and Doncic will be unstoppable”

By going to recover Christian Wood very quickly on the market, the Mavericks have shown their intentions for the new season. It’s title or nothing for the Texas franchise, which could even dream bigger by the end of free agency. For Kendrick Perkins, associating this superstar with Luka Doncic would be the best possible news.

Defeated by the Warriors in the conference final, the Mavericks have reached a milestone, whatever happens during this campaign. This team managed to beat a few big names, with a Luka Doncic more ambitious than ever. Losing to Golden State? This is clearly not the end, since we can count on Jason Kidd’s men to return next year, with the firm intention of inviting themselves to the final. But for that, an improvement of the roster seems necessary.

This is precisely what happened last week, with the arrival of Christian Wood in Dallas. A pivot with 18 points and 10 rebounds on average? This is great news for Doncic, especially when we know that the franchise really needed a real position 5, capable of making the difference in a racket. However, it may not be the end for this team yet, as there is always room for improvement.

Massive arrival possible at the Mavericks?

In recent days, the record of a superstar has been talking a lot: Bradley Beal. The fullback could leave the Wizards as early as this summer, although he has yet to reveal his decision. He has already made his choice, but should wait for free agency, at the beginning of July, to reveal his future. For Kendrick Perkins, and if Beal is available, Dallas must do everything to associate him with Luka in the future.

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The Dallas Mavericks need to get him back. Jalen Brunson, who is a super player, we can use him to get a bigger fish, like Bradley Beal, and pair him with Luka Doncic. If the two play together, it will be an impressive strike force. We may be talking about the best backcourt in the NBA… It would be deadly.

Beal with Doncic? Two dominant players who need the ball, but finally an All-Star partner for Luka. Needless to say, if Dallas has the opportunity to make this deal, the front office should absolutely jump at the chance. We will have to find an agreement with the Wizards, at least if the back extends, but asks to leave in stride. Everything is possible in the next few days, with a new big blow for Dallas.

Despite a first bomb on the market, the Mavericks could still hit hard in the coming weeks. Everything will depend on the desires of the leaders, but also on the players available. If Bradley Beal becomes free, we can be sure that the Texas franchise will not be far to answer the call.



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