Hückeswagen: Belt test at JC Mifune

Belt test at JC Mifune Hückeswagen
Four young judoka are now one step further

Four young junior judoka from JC Mifune have now passed their belt test. After the holidays, the training continues; Interested are welcome.

Shortly before the summer holidays, a few junior judoka from the Mifune Judo Club completed their belt test, and at the end the quartet felt a sense of achievement. Because Damian, Carina, Noah and Ognjen “are now entitled and at the same time obliged to wear the next higher graduation”, reports trainer Marvin Hunker. Damian and Carina passed their first belt test and are now allowed to wear white and yellow instead of white, Noah and Ognjen have already passed their second belt test and therefore now have the yellow belt.

The quartet spent five weeks preparing for the exam. He was supported by four boys as partners, the so-called Uke, as well as the trainers Eddy Tscheschlog, Marvin Hunker, Imke Czersinsky and Christos Garnetidis. Training was always on Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the gymnasium of the Realschule on Kölner Straße. “If necessary, one or the other unit was also completed on a Friday,” says Hunker.

Due to the closure of the hall during the summer holidays, JC Mifune now has to take a six-week break. But the judoka want to use this to recharge their batteries so that they can start again after the holidays. Boys and girls between the ages of six and 14 who are interested in the sport of judo can then also come to trial training.



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