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-I have nothing against today’s holiday (San Pedro and San Pablo), but it should only be non-working for the fishing sector. Each holiday costs a lot of money for the GDP, the business community and those who live day to day, and even this Congress has added one more to the calendar with December 9 (Battle of Ayacucho) at the initiative of the Free Peru caucus, holiday that above joins with the party of December 8 (Immaculate Conception). In other words, two days in a row without working… And the geniuses of this government came up with the idea of ​​declaring the day of the infamous match with Australia a holiday (a shame as they ‘played’. Eliminated for being arrogant and indolent, in addition to the fact that the team did not It’s worth nothing. There is no excuse that we have been eliminated by a country where soccer is as popular as baseball here and with some “trunks” as players. And that cramp in Cueva smelled like “theater” to get off the field in a timely manner. How can someone compare a player as average as Cueva with Cueto?).

Moreover, the holidays that fall in the middle of the week should be moved to Monday or Friday, as is done in other countries so as not to cut the working week and to encourage domestic tourism. Here Fujimori established that in the 90s (with logical exceptions), but the pressure of the priests was stronger and he returned to the old system. And that before in Peru there was an excess of holidays (carnivals in summer and I think also Bajada de Reyes, Corpus Christi and some others), until Prado and the first Belaundism cut them down.

PS: I can already imagine how they must be looking everywhere for something to get from Congresswoman Gladys Echaíz and prevent her from continuing in the race to preside over the Legislature. Right now Eloy Marchán or one of those friends shows up with a recording or some old cartoon that they’ll send you. Or if not, the almighty IDL or La República. They must be doing the same with Chiabra. If I don’t know them…



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