He beats her with belt and stick, taken – Chronicle

He savagely beat his wife, hitting her with a belt and even with a baseball bat. And that violence the woman had already suffered much more than once. Always in silence, never denouncing that husband who owns her. Until, Saturday night, her screams were heard by her neighbors, who called the police. And the officers put an end to that violence, arresting the 37-year-old man for family mistreatment and aggravated personal injury to his partner. It happened in via Andrea Costa: the victim is a thirty-three year old who was taken to hospital for her beating with injuries to her arms and back. You will have it for at least 21 days. Upon arrival of the 113 patrols, the man initially did not want to let the agents into the house, then he gave up.

According to what was later reconstructed by the policemen of the Volanti, the arrested man had hit the cohabitant both with his bare hands and with a belt and a baseball bat, objects that the agents found in the house and seized. According to what the thirty-three-year-old later reported, it was not the first time that her partner had beaten her but she had never reported him so far.



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