Government of Jiutepec offers free Taekwondo classes

As part of the actions aimed at complementing the physical development of the inhabitants of the municipality, as well as guaranteeing their right to practice sport, the Government with a Human Face of Jiutepec offers free Taekwondo classes to girls, boys, young people and adults. .

The training sessions of the martial art of South Korean origin are carried out in multipurpose fields and facilities of different municipal assistantships in 13 population centers of the territory, in the evening hours between Monday and Friday.

Those interested in registering for classes can do so at the Sports Directorate of the Government of Jiutepec, an office located in the Tlahuapan Sports Unit, on Calle Constitución del 57 s/n, Colonia Tlahuapan, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. :00 hours from Monday to Friday.

The Government with a Human Face, headed by Mayor Rafael Reyes Reyes, provides free classes throughout the municipality in different sports disciplines (basketball, soccer, yoga, as well as Zumba) with the aim of promoting coexistence between the members of the Jiutepequense community.



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