Good weekend for the Alto Aragonese judokas in Hernani, Jaca and the end of the course in Huesca – Sports

During the day on Saturday, the I Euskadi Tagoya Cup was held in the Basque town of Hernani, in which the Aragonese Judo Federation selected seventeen judokas to form a mixed children’s team and another mixed cadet from among the competitors belonging to Aragon. The teams led by María Poblador and Raúl Poblador traveled to Hernani on Friday afternoon.

The competition took place in the Municipal Sports Center of Hernani. The children’s team was made up of three girls Julia Gimeno and Leyre Gonzalez (Judo Club Zaragoza) and Irene Miranda (Club Ibón School) and six boys Madalín Fluerica and Adrian Lanau (Club Atlético Sobrarbe), Aitor Rivero (Judo Club Zaragoza), Martín Polo, Marcos Úbeda Portugés and Jeremy Jordán (Escuela Club Ibón), a team that managed to get into the final by winning all the games convincingly and reached the final and after drawing against one of the Basque teams in the tiebreaker match, they were defeated on Aragonese which made him lose the gold and have to settle for second place.

The Alto Aragonese also participated in a competition in Hernani

On the other hand, the cadet team was made up of eight judokas, four girls, Martina Vives and Nerea Jubero (Ibón Club School) and Cristina Ruiz and Pilar Ayensa (Zaragoza Judo Club), the boys were David Marí and Javier Benedi (Ibón Judo School) and Máximo García and Jaime Anduiza (Judo Club Zaragoza). This Aragonese cadet team climbed to the top of the podium sweeping all the matches.

Great competition to build a team, in a sport that is individual, this type of meeting unites the competitors of clubs with few competitors with clubs that have many and it is necessary to take advantage of the effort made by the Aragonese Judo Federation

The Huesca Judo Club celebrates its annual end-of-year gala

This gala serves to give all its young judokas their new belt. The gala was attended by nearly 150 young judoka between the ages of 3 and 12 from all the centers where the club teaches, Santa Rosa, Salesianos, El Parque, Pedro J Rubio, Pirineos-Pyrenees, Tardienta, Almudevar and the Judo headquarters itself. club.

Many family members were present at this party who did not want to miss the opportunity to support their little ones on such a special day. This step they take each year acquiring their new belt is the reward for the work they have done daily in their classes. Work that they cannot do with more joy and motivation day by day.

The next stop for these little ones will be the campus organized by the club in three different shifts, covering the second fortnight of June, first and second of July.
Good results for CJ Binéfar in the Spanish Cup

Closing of the Huesca Judo Club course
Closing of the Huesca Judo Club course

Last Saturday, the Category A Absolute Spanish Cup took place in Jaca XXVIII Pyrenees Trophy “Memorial José María Lacasta” in which judocas from all over the national scene met and where the Binéfar Judo Club team led by their coach Raúl Clemente once again reaped great results.

The gold came from the hand of Sergio García in the -81kg category, the literary judoka who this season continues his preparation at the High Performance Center in Madrid clearly prevailed over his opponents, while Manuel Alonso in the -66kg category was only surpassed by the Georgian settled in Catalonia who achieved a well-deserved bronze and his teammate Hugo Terés was one step away from the podium achieving 5th position in this same category and Alejandro Mairal achieved a meritorious 7th position in -60kg.

The negative note came when Mousa Macalou had to withdraw from the competition due to having suffered an injury from which he is progressing favorably and which we hope will allow him to attend the European Open in Madrid on June 11 and 12, the very important appointment that the team has with the National League on June 25 and for which this judoka is a crucial piece.
For her part, in the women’s category, the very young Alejandra Pérez performed a magnificent competition, reaping the third medal for the Binefar team by achieving bronze in the -52 kg category, while her teammate Alba Cajal in the -70kg category achieved 5th place and Alba Sánchez was 7th in this same category.

Great results for the components of this team that has managed to place Aragonese judo in a pre-eminent position in the general medal table as part of the Modernization Program of the Aragonese Judo Federation, within which a Federative Training has taken place at the end of the Tournament. which has lasted over the weekend.


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