Gerardo García will relieve Javi Rico at the head of Sporting’s sports area

Gerardo Garcia He will be the head of Sporting’s sports area with Orlegi. The man from Gijón, whose incorporation into the group and key role in the project in Gijón de los Mexicanos were advanced exclusively by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, will take over from Javier Rico in front of this plot, with the continuity of the latter yet to be determined. Orlegi has advanced work, also in the sports area, once the sale is completed. Decision-making in sports matters is progressing at the expected pace, with the transfer of powers starting on the 26th. Next week is when the signing for the acquisition of the shareholding package of Javier Fernandez, which controls 73% of the company. It will be the moment in which the sale of the club is considered sealed for just over 40 million euros.

The arrival of Orlegi in Gijón is taking shape with the figure of Gerardo García from Gijón as the man in charge of developing the sports area. The club has already sent the Mexican group reports on the status of the current squad, which includes an assessment of Javi Rico’s work. The reports, it is assured from sources close to the operation, are positive about the work of the man from Gijón, whose role within the new structure is yet to be determined. He has a one-year contract and it is not ruled out that he will continue to be linked for a while, although it will depend on several factors. Another of those affected is Fran Rico, who joined the club in May as technical secretary. In his case, there is also a very positive assessment of his role in preparing the next campaign. His contract also expires in 2023. What has been decided by the Orlegi Group is that, whatever happens, the decisions will be made by Gerardo García on this plot.

Among the lines to be shared between the current protagonists of the sports field and those who will arrive new is the work that Javi Rico has been advancing during the first weeks of the market. He will contrast with the one who has advanced, in turn, Gerardo García, with a formed idea as to what his entry into the club will entail. Among the first decisions, finishing closing the incorporation of central defender Pablo Insua for two seasons, only pending the “ok” from Mexico. Among the facilities for his development is his attunement with Abelard, whom he already knows, and who, except for a last minute turn, will continue to be one of the important figures of the future rojiblanco as coach of the first team. The first team is the most immediate, although the plans aim to also affect the work of the quarry, something that the Orlegi Group intends to take care of.

Ramón de Santiago, with Herminio Menéndez.

Ramón de Santiago, the director who will mediate in the transition period after the sale

Ramón de Santiago will continue to be linked to the club once the sale of Sporting to the Orlegi Group is completed. Counselor and head of the club’s legal services, he will act as a link during the arrival of the new owners. The binding period is yet to be defined. They will not continue to be linked to the rojiblanca entity, if the agreement is closed, Javier Fernández, president; Javier Martínez, vice president, and Fernando Losada, counselor who had scheduled his departure.



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