Geli: “Girona is ready to compete until the last minute”

The Girona players are grateful for the support of the fans at the end of Saturday’s game

With more than 500 matches as professionals in all categories and a good group watching them from the Montilivi market, Dolphin Geli he has lived in all colors in football. The 0-0 on Sunday against Tenerife at the stadium, in the first leg of the play-off final, it is not a positive result for Girona, who know that, in order to go up, they will have to beat Heliodoro on Sunday, both yes and no. The tie, despite the advantage that Tenerife has in case of a tie, is open and that, for Girona is positive. This is how Geli sees it, who is very clear that “if Girona play like they did the day before yesterday, they are ready to compete until the last minute in Tenerife”. The president, moreover, was remade with the response of the fans that filled Montilivi (11,303 spectators). “He’s been amazing and has taught a lesson in civility how to cheer,” said Geli, who at the same time scolded fans for waking up late. “If the stadium were like this for 80% of the matches, the team would add a lot more points,” he said, adding that he was surprised that this year had “cost so much.” that people came to Montilivi despite seeing “better football than in some First Division fields”.

Geli was satisfied with the performance of the team on Sunday despite not being able to face the tie. “The feeling I have is that the team has been at a very good level. It was very important not to make a mistake and to have to go to tow “, he called. The president enumerated the virtues of a superior Girona. “We were very serious and did a good job in defense. We gave the opponent no choice. They were tightly closed and trying to disconnect us. Too bad I didn’t find the goal on the few occasions “, he added.

The 0-0 draw leaves everything open for Sunday in Tenerife, where Geli is convinced that Girona will be alive until the end. “It simply came to our notice then. The rival is tough and the tie is very hard. By playing like this, we are ready to compete until the last minute “, he assured.

Whatever happens to Santa Cruz, Geli recalled that Girona enjoys “very good health”. “It simply came to our notice then. Yes, going up would give us everything and, on the contrary, not doing so would mean getting up, rowing and trying again. However, we are happy with the team, the master and the work they do. The prize is that we are here competing one more year until the end “, he emphasized. In this regard, the President recalled that these parties often depend on “details”. “However, when you compete until the final of the promotion play-off for so many consecutive seasons, it means that the club is in very good health.



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