Gaizka Argente changes Barakaldo for Arenas

Gaizka Argente in Lasesarre with the Barakaldo scarf / PERU OLAZABAL


The central defender has been one of the most outstanding of the manufacturing team this season and has allowed him to join the getxotarras in the Second RFEF

Barakaldo announced a few days ago a total of twelve casualties of first team players. Among all of them, the names of Gaizka Argente, Markel Mayo and David Nates stand out. Three players who have practically played everything and who have been a fundamental part of the team’s backbone. EL CORREO already announced that Nates would join Laredo, with the ambition of playing at a higher level. Well, according to sources consulted by this newspaper, Argente will do the same. The central defender from Eibar will also play in the Second RFEF and will do so with Arenas.

Gaizka Argente arrived at Lasesarre last summer from San Ignacio, a subsidiary of Deportivo Alavés. Being from Eibar, he has perfectly understood the atmosphere that surrounds the Barakaldo. That hard-working pride and grit that fans require of him. Perhaps that is why, since the beginning of the season, he has established himself as a fixture in Nando Alonso’s schemes. He could even be considered as the boss of the manufacturing rear this campaign. He has played a total of 37 games -he has only lost two-, entering only one of them from the bench and has scored a goal.

Those records have made him the second player with the most minutes in the entire squad, behind the inexhaustible Iker Pedernales. His good work this season has caught the attention of teams from higher categories, as is the case with Arenas. The defender did not want to miss this opportunity that has been presented to him and he has decided to enroll in the ranks of the red and black team, which plays in the Second RFEF. In this way, the getxotarras incorporate one of the revelations of this group of Third RFEF, which also still has a sub-23 record.



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