Formula 1 wants to cap salary per team to the annoyance of pilots

NAfter all the shaking in their bouncing cars, the Formula 1 drivers will be given a real shake just before the race in Canada on Sunday (8 p.m. CEST in the FAZ live ticker for Formula 1 and on Sky). What can that be? Looked and read what the helmsmen shoot up and explode like rockets from the cockpit: the end of salary increases in what felt like infinity.

At least there is a proposal to limit the maximum reward to 30 million dollars (28 million euros) per team. There’s a good reason for that. For the first time in the history of the racing series, the teams are earning a lot of money, or more precisely: there is a lot left over here and there. In the past, every cent was put into the cars.

Chances for top drivers for everyone

Curious, but true: The spending limit of 140 million dollars (134 million euros) per season with sometimes increasing income brings profits that, well, go into the pockets of the racing team owners. Because, such bad luck, you can no longer put anything in the car, which exceeds 134 million euros in income.

Hence the increasing interest of investors, who are aware of the upswing. All races in Europe are said to be sold out. Melbourne have just extended the hosting contract by ten years. That’s where the idea of ​​doing justice for everyone comes in handy.

Because the pilots’ fees are not part of the capped budget, the maximum should be fixed in order to give smaller racing teams the opportunity to engage top drivers. Very classy and trendy. Let the millionaires practice modesty.

The fact that other millionaires give them orders from the pit wall to finally go to the limit is only noticeable when cars go up in smoke and mirrors. Then, in one fell swoop, it becomes clear who is taking a risk that is priceless.



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