Fencer Daniel Jérent cleared by the AFLD

French fencer Daniel Jérent, deprived of the Tokyo Olympics due to the presence of a prohibited molecule in a transfused blood bag after a road accident, has committed “no fault” and “cannot do the subject to a sanction”, according to a decision of the sanctions commission obtained by AFP.

The swordsman, Olympic team champion in Rio in 2016, who had refused to sign an amicable agreement with the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) not providing for any sanction but acknowledging a violation of the rules, had requested the 8 June before the Sanctions Committee “a clear and clear recognition” of his innocence.

Tested positive in November 2020 for dorzolamide, a product with a diuretic effect that is usually found in the form of eye drops, Daniel Jérent had learned on June 18, less than a week before the official announcements of selected for the Tokyo Olympics , be referred to the AFLD Sanctions Committee, with no date for his hearing.

The Federation then decided to remove Daniel Jérent from the list of pre-selected for Tokyo. At the Olympics, his absence had allowed Romain Cannone to take part in the epee event and win Olympic gold to everyone’s surprise.



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