Federer on the mend. “The operation was necessary, so I could not have continued playing.”

Roger Federer wants to be back on the tennis court soon.


Roger Federer’s comeback is getting closer. Before that, the Swiss tennis ace talked about a new heart project and gave further insights.

The timetable for his return is set. Federer wants to play again at the Laver Cup in London in September – at least doubles. Then, hopefully, the time of suffering will finally be over. “I knew it would be a long process. But the operation was necessary, I couldn’t have continued playing after Wimbledon,” said Federer in an interview with the “Coopzeitung”.

Being back on the court will be special. “It used to be a playground for me, but today it’s more of a workplace – which sounds kind of wrong, but it’s still cool because it means I was able to turn my hobby into a job,” says Federer. “Sometimes, just for fun, I say to my family when a training session or a game is coming up: ‘Bye tame, I’m going to the office now!'”

Anonymity thanks to Corona – or maybe not

The Maestro can often be found on real playgrounds. No wonder the 40-year-old initiated a new project with his foundation, which invests in natural playgrounds and recreation areas in Switzerland. For him it is one of the best things when he can do something in this country. After all, he spends most of his time here – in the past two years because of the injuries and the pandemic, more than for a long time, says Federer, who currently has his main residence with his family in Valbella (GR).

So there’s a good chance of meeting the 20-time Grand Slam winner and his wife Mirka with their four children – and recently their dog Willow – somewhere on the slide. At least you would recognize him, because the superstar doesn’t think much of disguise actions with a beard and wig. “I’ve also gone outside with a cap, sunglasses and a coat collar pulled down over my face so as not to be recognised. So I quickly feel uncomfortable like this. I feel like I can handle it if someone recognizes me on the road.”

With Corona, dressing up was no longer necessary anyway. “The mask grants you a certain anonymity. So it was more like I was surprised when people still spoke to me: ‘But I’m wearing the mask…?'”


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