Deportes Quindío vs Boyacá Chicó live line-ups and minute by minute | Colombian Soccer | Betplay Tournament

Deportes Quindío has at home the possibility of becoming champion in the first half of the BetPlay Tournament, an achievement that will make it much easier for them to be promoted to the highest category. However, with an uncertain score due to a goalless draw, Boyacá Chicó wants to keep the title as a visitor.

Follow the game live here:

90+6′ Nolberto Ararat signals the end of the match. Deportes Quindío 2-2 Boyacá Chicó, get ready for the penalty shootout.

90 + 4 ‘There is less and less time left for the definition from the penalty spot.

90′ Gooooooal for Boyacá Chicó! Tremendous right hand from Sebastián Támara with power that is impossible for Mathías Cubero. They add six minutes.

86 & # 39; Distributed expulsions! Mateo Trejo from Deportes Qundío and Elkin Mosquera see the red card. Hard entry and brawl.

85′ Kevin Londoño leaves and Dairon Mosquera enters.

83′ Goooooooooal for Deportes Quindío! Luis Fabián Mina takes advantage of a center from Leyser Chaverra to push it to the bottom.

81′ Enter Felipe Cifuentes in Quindío for Exneyder Guerrero.

78′ Gooooooal for Boyacá Chicó! Wilmar Cruz wins through the air with a header in the background.

75 & # 39; Unusual mistake by Boyacá Chicó! Caesar risked his life Hinestroza against Wilmar Cruz. With an empty goal, he defines and Hinestroza saves with a masterful sweep.

71′ New yellow card for Boyacá Chicó. Delvin Alfonso is admonished for a hard iron to an opponent.

69′ A lot of space for Deportes Quindío, Exneyder Guerrero manages in the area, hooks, and takes a shot for the safety of Rogeiro Caicedo.

67′ First substitution in Quindío. Jairo Roy Castillo leaves and Jairo Borrero enters.

65′ First yellow card in Quindío, Sebastián Ayala booked for cutting off Geimer Balanta’s progress.

64′ Quindío activates the counterattack, Fabián Mina defines with a shot from above.

63′ Infraction of Harold Balanta to Wilmar Cruz in the distance. Henry Plazas prepares for the execution and hits the barrier.

60′ Wilmar Cruz was looking for the ball and Mathías Cubero arrived first to the ball securing the ball.

57′ Turned to the attack Eduard Banguero who takes a cross shot without direction.

54′ Another execution of Sebastián Támara, Henry Plazas collides with Mathías Cubero who remains on the ground. He stands up quickly.

53′ First change of the game. Boyacá Chicó moves his pieces with the departure of Brayan Moreno and Jacobo Pimentel enters.

48′ Boyacá Chicó responds with an arrival by Brayan Moreno that finishes off the outer mesh of the Quindian portico.

45′ The second half begins. Sports Quindío 1-0 Boyacá Chicó.

45+2′ Mathías Cubero remains on the ground due to a collision with Elkin Mosquera. The first half ends, Deportes Quindío 1-0 Boyacá Chicó.

45′ Two more minutes are added. Let’s go to 47.

44′ In search of the ball, Brayan Moreno raises his leg and hits Breinner Paz with a kick. Hard offense.

43′ Tremendous right hand from Eduard Banguero with power, but Mathías Cubero saves safely!

40′ Sebastián Támara’s corner kick that Elkin Mosquera heads in anticipation of Mathías Cubero and goes wide.

39′ Quindío is sinning a lot with several close offenses that give Boyacá Chicó options to attack with the ball still.

36′ Boyacá Chicó free throw collection. Sent to the penalty spot and header by Elkin Mosquera without direction.

34′ Goooooooooooooal from Deportes Quindío! Jairo Roy Castillo to the execution to open the scoring from the penalty spot.

32′ Leyser Chaverra’s center and Elkin Mosquera’s open hand near the area line. Millimeter action. The play is checked by the VAR and Nolberto Ararat’s decision changes to a penalty.

31′ Great defensive closures on each team. There is no clear dominator, the revolutions dropped.

26′ Good cut by Breinner Paz applying his body avoiding Geimer Balanta’s individual play.

21′ Jairo Roy Castillo’s poisonous center that Exneyder Guerrero did not reach to define.

18′ First Quindian notice! Leyser Chaverra’s center and Fabián Mina heads softly at the hands of Rogeiro Caicedo.

17′ First warning in the game. Kevin Londoño receives the yellow card for an infraction against Leandro Angulo.

16′ In a lateral center of Leyser Chaverra, the ball was loose for Jairo Roy Castillo who takes a shot without direction.

12′ Shot by Henry Plazas looking for Wilmar Cruz, and the cross shot went wide.

10′ Quiet match at the Centenario Stadium without many scoring options in the first minutes of the game.

7′ New infraction, this time from Wilmar Cruz to César Hinestroza in favor of Quindío.

6′ First offense of the match. Leyser Chaverra drops Eduard Banguero on his own pitch.

5′ Quindío takes confidence with centers, but they do not find auctioneers. Delvin Alfonso headed to leave the ball to his goalkeeper, Rogeiro Caicedo.

3′ There is no clear dominator at the start of the game. Quindío came alive with a cross that Rogereiro Caicedo easily controlled.

0′ Nolberto Ararat blows the whistle and it is already played between Deportes Quindío vs. Boyacá Chicó.

The protocol acts sound at the Centennial Stadium in the city of Armenia.




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