Carlos Moya exclusively on the heated debate about coaching: “I’m absolutely against it”

After Wimbledon, a highly interesting test phase begins on the ATP Tour.

The men’s players’ association has decided that coaching can take place in the second half of the season – subject to certain rules. For example, the trainer has to sit in a specially designated place and give his verbal and non-verbal instructions from there.

Carlos Moya doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

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“I’m not a big advocate of coaching. What makes tennis a special sport is the fact that it’s the only sport in which you compete alone against another – without outside help,” emphasizes the former world number one in an interview the Spanish colleagues from

Moya: “I am absolutely against the coaching”

His work as Rafael Nadal’s coach “must be done before the game. The player then has to master all variations, because things always happen that were certainly not in the script. In this sense, I am absolutely against coaching,” says Moya, who has been part of Nadal’s coaching team since 2017 and has primary responsibility after his uncle Toni resigned in 2018.

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The 1998 French Open winner draws a comparison to school to illustrate his point. “It’s like an exam. The teacher can help you, but once the exam starts, you’re on your own,” says Moya. It is absolutely crucial “that the player thinks for himself”.

Moya: 180 pulse and 20 seconds time

Should it be possible to coach during the match, an important facet of the tennis game would be lost.

“The lonely struggle of the tennis pro, who has to choose the right tactic with a heart rate of 180 and only 20 seconds between rallies, is a quality that distinguishes a player,” Moya clarifies.

That’s why the debate only allows one conclusion for him: “I would leave everything as it is.”

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