Carlos Delfino, from the Golden Generation to the new group of the Argentine Basketball Team

The man from Santa Fe, who is part of the cast that will face Venezuela and Panama, spoke with TyC Sports about the current situation of the Albiceleste, its past and much more.

Charles Delphinelistening to the Golden Generationtoday is part of the Argentine Basketball Team that in this new window will face Venezuela y Panama. In the previous one, the santafesino chatted with Jose Montesano about his age, coach Néstor García and much more.

Being in the National Team makes you feel special thingscounted Dolphin in an interview with TyC Sports. Furthermore, he highlighted Venezuela because of its power Panama for his more physical game. “We have to go looking for the results that suit us and thus be masters of our future. That is what Néstor (García) wants and we all do our bit“.

Likewise, the man from Santa Fe said that despite his age and his experience due to his previous time wearing the Albiceleste shirt, he tries to adapt to the youngest and help them. “Obviously my speed is different, but with age I try to assert my experience with the physical part that many of them have“.

Dolphin He also stressed the importance of having more time to carry out the technician’s ideas. In this way they can be taken as a sponge. “You will see your hand on the computer. I am proud to be part of this project“, hill.

Carlos Delfino and the Golden Generation of the Argentine Basketball Team

I always said that I will be the last to turn off the light, then it went out on me and I was no more, but now I am back“, he said. He tries to revalue himself and reinvent himself to continue playing. Although he feels like a representative of that game and idea and enjoys keeping in touch with his teammates, Dolphin try not to think too much about it and to be productive for what follows: “Things can continue to be achieved and hopefully I can be part of something special in the short term“.

Carlos Delfino, from the Golden Generation to the new group


Carlos Delfino, from the Golden Generation to the new group

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