Campazzo was removed from the poster

It is not a good omen. Or rather, it is a continuation of what was seen on the parquet at the end of the season. Facundo Campazzo was left out of the official poster of the Denver Nuggets which was published for the 2022-23 edition of the NBA. All a sign of the winds of change that are coming…

And what will become of Cordoba then?

Facu assured in the last few hours that he is setting “short-term” objectives while awaits offers from the North American league itself and European basketball from July 1 when he becomes a free agent for the Nuggets. “I always set myself short-term goals, to reach long-term goals in the best way,” the Cordovan told the Santa Fe radio station Radio Villa Trinidad.

“I never looked at social networks to the extreme, I never looked for both good and bad things to influence me. I never consumed praise as much as criticism. I think that is a very important step. Being in the NBA, the diffusion is greater. I advised turning a blind eye to social media and whether to focus on the things you can control,” he explained.

Campazzo will not continue with the Nuggets after the little action he had last season, although he dreams of “continuing” in the most demanding basketball competition in the world, although what is “best” for him and his family will come.

“When there is something that frustrates me, I choose to continue working. I allow myself to have a mindset that allows me to think about what I have to do next. I had to not play the last few months in the NBA with Denver and I felt a little frustrated, but I did not let that frustration last or eat my head for that long.“, continued the former Peñarol. “In the same way, I think you have to allow yourself to be frustrated, but one or two days, it’s fine and that will help us gather strength for what comes the next day,” he was honest.

Campazzo trained during his vacation in Córdoba with a technical specialist who worked in the NBA and with louis scola. The idea of ​​​​the former Murcia and Real Madrid is to continue in the NBA and San Antonio Spurs sounds like a possible destination, the franchise in which Emanuel Ginóbili is as scouting. He also moved in the Pando de San Lorenzo.


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