Cali vibes by Rhude –

A moment of Rhude’s fashion show captured by the cameras in the hall

A sculpture-chandelier dominates the center of the catwalk set up by Rhude for the spring-summer 2023 live show. Thin golden metal arms, perhaps a hidden homage to the art nouveau structures imagined by Hector Guimard for the Paris metro, however, they do not end in light points, but in a series of small cameras, which rotate on themselves. Metaphor of our life constantly exhibited on social networks, spied on, more or less unconsciously, and in any case at the center of a bittersweet voyeurism of which the meta-selfie is the last frontier.

During the show, also broadcast online, the public, more or less unaware, filmed between one outing and another of the cool kids dressed as Rhuigi Villasenor. The founder of the brand, who since the beginning of the year has also held the role of creative director for Bally, combines American iconography with nostalgic references, a visual commentary on Los Angeles style and culture. The city that welcomed him from the Philippines at the age of 11 and where he founded Rhude in 2015. The looks that parade on the runway, in front of the brand’s constantly expanding fan base, wear drawstring pants lowered at the waist, with underwear in sight.

A rock touch is given by biker jackets or aviators in leather and glasses with bold frames and dark lenses. Perfect for an afterparty. Shirts with thin stripes are worn fluid and unbuttoned on the chest, baseball-style suits would be philological if they were not worn with flip-flops. Cali vibes. While sporty details, such as the numbers on the shirts of sports players, chase the brand logo printed in contrasting colors on the tops and alternate with tropical prints.

Judgement. The California sun shines on Paris. Even the suits, emptied of lapels and proposed in an earthy palette, or the sweaters, have a relaxed and casual attitude. (All rights reserved)



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