Borgaro: Lo.Vi Basket concluded the sporting season to the sound of parties and fun

As many as 139 the competitions faced in this sporting year: a record for the basketball club. And while the competitive part has come to an end, we are preparing to make the summer an opportunity for training and personal growth.

from the editorial staff

After two sporting seasons particularly difficultcharacterized by the CoVid-19 pandemic, the sporting year 2021/2022 of the Lo.Vi Basket it turned out to be “beautiful, complicated, intense and composed of 139 official races: a real record for our company ”as the company’s executives themselves explain.

A sporting season that ended with two parties: one especially designed for children and teens of the Lo.Vi and the other dedicated also to families. “Both with a huge following, testimony of a great desire to be together in carefree “. The first meeting, a lunch, took place on 11 June: on that occasion 120 athletes, accompanied by the coaches and managers, have created a unique opportunity that comes after sharing the playing field for a year. “A convivial appointment, which came after the highly anticipated match Parents vs Staff: an event expected for a year, where the parents of our children were able to confront our coaches, proving to be up to par “they say again. On June 15, however, the day of8th birthday of Lo.Vi Basketa big party took place at the Parco Chico Mendes.

And while the competitive part has come to an end, it’s time to look to the summer time come training opportunity, but also of personal and collective growth. “Now, through the project Workout and, shortly, the E-State Summer Center with Lo.Viwe are starting to project ourselves towards the next season ”they conclude.





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