Boca rounded off another solid performance, beating Barracas 3-1 in Floresta and is the only tournament leader

“The first was all due to Sebastián (Villa) and in the second I told Pol that he was finally able to put it in. He had been hitting the sticks, ”said Fabra, the figure of the match. Regarding his connection with Villa, she highlighted: “I like to go on the attack. Working time is what allows us this. He knows that when I yell ‘Go!’ he has to throw me long.

After an even first half, Boca built a great second half to defeat Barracas 3-1 and climb to the top of the Professional League standings. Villa, Pol Fernández and Zeballos scored for the xeneize. Bandeira scored the partial 1 to 1.}

Luca Langoni, category 2002, enters for Villa and makes his official debut in Boca. The kid is another of the great promises of the xeneize hotbed.

Boca built a perfect second half, against a team from Barracas that collapsed. It literally wiped him off the field.

Frank Fabra was one of the figures of the match between Boca and Barracas. The Colombian winger did everything right on the All Boys pitch.

Boca erased his rival, he does what he wants, and in each attack it seems that he will score another goal. Barracas has been dedicated for a long time and only hopes that the game ends as soon as possible.

Zeballos extends the advantage, after a counterattack and a wall with Villa. El Changuito defines with category, eluding the goalkeeper.

Great overflow by Fabra, who puts in a low and precise pass so that Pol Fernández pushes it to the back of the net. Boca wins 2 to 1.

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Rojo finished off from outside the area and Saracho flew to send it to the corner. Barracks is saved.

About the end emotions came to Floresta. Villa, with a bombshell from afar and at an angle, opened the scoring for Boca. Bandiera, with a great header, scored the 1 to 1. The result is just within a poor development, a consequence of the terrible state of the playing field.

Bandiera, with a header, hits a precise corner by Tapia from the right and makes Rossi’s fly-away sterile. The 1 to 1 gives justice to the epilogue of the first half.

Sebastián Villa, from the right and from outside the area, nailed it from an angle. Unassailable for Saracho. Boca wins 1-0 against Barracas.

Banderia ran only on the left into the box. Boca, badly stopped, was saved by the fair crossing that made the shot of the man from Barracas go to the corner.

Barracas arrives from the left. Mouche, intelligent, lets the ball pass between his legs and Valenzuela connects. The ball is well controlled by Rosi. Boca’s goalkeeper was very well placed.

Scene of the match between Barracas Central and Boca Juniors.Mauro Alfieri – THE NACION

The ball bounces when players try to play low to the ground. The state of the playing field on the All Boys pitch is deplorable.

All of Boca called for a penalty, but the repetition of the play made it clear that Benedetto’s deflection hit Ferreira in the face.

“Let’s loosen up with the claims,” ​​Loustau told the players, after a strong infraction by Rojo and shortly after admonishing Benedetto for an unnecessary kick.

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Zeballos warns in his first action. He overflows from the right, hooks against a rival and the left foot, weak from him, is controlled by Saracho.

Mouche takes a rebound and his shot goes well over the crossbar.

Barracas and Boca already play in Floresta.

Barracas and Boca are already on the playing field of the All Boys stadium. The match is coming.

“It’s always exciting to face Boca, for everything I’ve lived through, for all the years I’ve been through and for what I’ve achieved,” said Pablo Mouche in the preview.

Sebastián Battaglia defined Boca’s headlines against Barracasa Central.

Alfredo Berti determined that the following 11 are the starters in Barracas against Boca.

Boca beat Barracas the five times they met throughout history, the previous ones consecutively in 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930. In this year’s League Cup both shared Zone B and faced each other in La Bombonera, with a local victory by 2-0 with two goals scored by “Pipa” Benedetto, although the game was even and was defined by small details and Pipa’s scoring voracity.

Central Tents: Rodrigo Saracho; Facundo Mater, Nicholas Ferreyra, Gonzalo Peace or Thomas Gutierrez and Brian Calderara; Dylan Glaby, Maximilian Rodriguez, Ivan Tapia and Bruno Sepulveda; Neri Bandiera and Pablo Mouche. DT: Alfred Jesus Berti.

Boca: Augustine Rossi; Luis Advincula, Carlos Izquierdoz, Mark Rojo and Frank Fabra; William “Paul” Fernandez, Alan Varela and Oscar Romero; Exequiel Zeballos, Darius Benedetto and Sebastian Villa. DT: Sebastian Battaglia.

Argentina has six places for the Copa Libertadores 2023. Colón has already obtained the first ticket for having won the Professional League Cup. The champion of the 2022 Tournament will qualify directly. The same will be achieved by the team that wins the Argentine Cup. The remaining places will be obtained by the first three teams in the annual general table, which includes the points obtained in the group stage of the LPF Cup (13 games) and the 2021 tournament (total: 38 games). In this case, the third team will access the Repechage of the Cup.

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Meanwhile, six other teams will go to Sudamericana 2023: one is Banfield (winner of the Professional League Cup Complementation Zone) and the other five will come from the same general table. If a team already classified by another instance is repeated, the place will go to the next set of this same table.



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