Basketball: Nba, Warriors celebrate title with parade in the streets of San Francisco

San Francisco, Jun 21 (Adnkronos) – After three saves (2015, 2017 and 2018) on the streets of Oakland, the Golden State Warriors celebrated this year’s title in San Francisco following the relocation of the franchise. The open bus with the team traveled just over two kilometers, in the heart of the city, on Market Street. On the coach the slogan that accompanied the team for all the playoffs (“Gold Blooded”) and the inscription: “7 times NBA champions”. Lots of bottles of champagne, some water guns to relieve the heat of the fans and even streamers with the club colors: blue, gold and white. Stephen Curry, the MVP of the last finals, has chosen to wear his three previous rings won with Golden State around his neck (tied to a necklace). The fourth will receive it at the opening night of the 2022-23 season.
“I would lie to you – Curry said speaking from the stage at the end of the parade – if I told you that at the beginning of the year I knew we would be here to celebrate, but the way we ended last season [15 vittorie nelle ultime 20 gare, prima di essere eliminati ai play-in, ndr] it let me think we were on the right path ”.
Klay Thompson as always made the news in a funny way: he arrived at the parade in the streets of San Francisco with his boat, plowing the waves of the Bay: but the wind made a bad joke, making him fly off the cap of the Finals 2022 Thompson immediately found the replacement by presenting himself with the classic white sailor cap that had already more than once been part of his look in the stories on Instragram.
Coach Steve Kerr was pointed out that he has now reached 9 rings won, 5 as a player and 4 as a manager – and the question came immediately: “Were you freeing up the space on the thumb of the other hand?”. “Absolutely yes”, the answer of those who are still hungry to win. As usual self-ironic, the Warriors manager admitted that only now (“after more than 48 hours”) is the post-celebration hangover slowly waning: “When you’re 56 you take a little longer to get over it. . My head is slowly clearing up again, ”Kerr joked.

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nba-warriors-festeggiano-titolo-con-parata-per-strade-di-san-francisco/"/>Nba, Warriors festeggiano titolo con parata per strade di San Francisco"/>



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