BASKETBALL: He dreamed of the NBA, he loses his life in a shooting in Harlem


Darius Lee, one of America’s hottest basketball prospects, was shot and killed Monday in unclear circumstances.

Darius Lee was coming off a remarkable season with his team. At 21, he seemed to be heading for a promising career.


American basketball is in mourning. Darius Lee, one of the strongest hopes in the country, died Monday in Harlem, the New York district where he had grown up. The 21-year-old, who exercised his talents in his university team of Houston Baptist, was hit by a bullet in the chest, during a shootout which also injured a dozen people. Taken to the hospital shortly after midnight, he succumbed. A firearm was discovered at the scene of the tragedy and a police investigation is underway to clarify the circumstances.

“The only thing that can console us right now is knowing where Darius is. He is in the arms of Jesus…”

Rpn Cottrell, entraîneur de Houston Baptist University

One thing is certain: the fate of Darius Lee, who had returned to his family during the summer break, has definitely changed. “We are in shock, we are unable to realize this news, commented Ron Cottrell, his trainer. I am heartbroken for his mother, his sister and all his family, as well as for our team. The only thing that can console us right now is knowing where Darius is. He is in the arms of Jesus… We know it. And one day we will see him again.”

Best player on his team last season, with 18.2 points and 8.3 rebounds per game on average, Darius Lee was to complete his diploma in sports management in December. The NBA already seemed to reach out to him, the future belonged to him. Fate would have it otherwise. The shooting took place at a rally organized by rapper Rich Rhymer. The shock wave is resounding, further reinforced by the current context in the United States, where outbursts of this kind continue to multiply.

“He was not only a great basketball player, he was also and above all a human being of great value, added Ron Cottrell. I can’t think about basketball right now. I can only think of the radiance that was that of Darius during his short stay on Earth. It was a joy to train him, we all loved him immensely.”



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