Basketball / Commentary formed by the NBA Draft, the stadium of Osman Dieng?

The Draft is the system for the vast majority of accredited young players in the NBA, plus the world’s major basketball league. How did you recruit this standard?

Along with 134 other young basketball players, Ousmane Dieng took part in the NBA (National Basketball Association) Draft on the night of June 23 to 24. This event is immeasurable for lovers of the orange balloon. It is thanks to this Draft that French people like Tony Parker, Joakim Noah or Rudy Gobert meet on the other side of the NBA. On the eve of these basketball legends, Ousmane Dieng is a candidate for the 76th edition of the NBA Draft.

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The Draft, the typical American show

Existing since 1947, the NBA Draft is an ancestor in the American sports world. It is an annual meeting, each year, to discuss passions, like simple curiosities. We find the same concept in other American sports. During the NBA Draft, the best young players on the planet come together for an evening. This year, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn will host the elite basketball players. Each year, the 30 franchises present in the NBA will be allocated to the two “pick” of the Draft. These “peaks” are actually reality. Teams are very selective for two players in the draft. Here, we are not talking about first come, first served. To save this team from choosing first, a “lottery” type circulation is organized and prior. This edition uses a probabilistic system. Plus, a season pass team waiting for match fixing, the higher your chances of getting a better score. This, after reporting on the strengths in the NBA. The higher the “pick”, the more it is judged and the bigger it is. On Jewish Justice Night, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will announce a few. It has 60 “peaks”, divided between two rounds of 30.

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The “pick”, a change of money

Franchises have a “choice” of lords from each tour. Incidentally, a team can do anything to change one of the “peaks”. These form a perfect currency. The 30 teams do not have the opportunity to draft. Some franchises are unwilling and unable to take the time to develop young players. It is therefore not uncommon to see a franchise with good results, exchange its “peaks” of Draft against more experimental players, who can bring him immediate success. Otherwise, the franchises lack the best players against a maximum of “picks” of the Draft, and this, in order to reconstitute the teams. Each year, teams will volunteer to play matches to increase their chances of receiving a top pick award. While Ousmane Dieng’s destination is uncertain, the only certainty is that he has an instant career.

How to write the night in France?

It’s around 8 p.m. in the United States. In France, you will be in the arms of Morpheus. The most assiduous – certainly not – well decided not to miss this world event and all the more so when it concerns a guy from our country. Two solutions are available to accompany the 2022 NBA Draft. For those who live in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Appointment is made in the middle of the night at the Salle Descartes. The VBC club organizes an American evening with retransmission to support the Osman Dieng event. The TV screens are ready, the satellite line is installed by the technicians to broadcast the NBA Draft live for 2 hours. “He wants to do it as soon as he announces his candidacy for the NBA Draft. It is exceptional for us. We couldn’t sit around doing nothing. So, since we can’t all go to New York, we bring the Draft to us, ”says Thomas Ribes, co-president in charge of Villeneuve Basket youth spies. The evening is officially reserved for club licenses, but the grids will not be passed as well as more farms and curious curious memories. Thomas Ribes explains: “You have the shape of a Spanish aubergine, you don’t want to marvel at what is greedy and difficult to drink! The champagne will be fresh for the revolution”. And for the rest, in front of your TV, tune into the Bein Sports channel 1, for 2 hours. Good luck, Ousmane*!



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