Badminton and doubles doubles Sol-gyu Choi and Won-ho Kim, Indonesia Open Silver Medal: Nate Sports

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[스포츠투데이 이서은 기자] Badminton men’s doubles Choi Sol-gyu (Army National Army) and Kim Won-ho (Samsung Life Insurance) won the silver medal at the Indonesian Open.

Sol-gyu Choi and Won-ho Kim (83rd in world ranking) set score 0-2 (17- in China) in the men’s doubles final of 2022 Indonesian Open held in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 19th (Korean time) 21 21-23).

Sol-gyu Choi and Won-ho Kim missed their first international championship in this tournament, but have been postponed to the next one.

Sol-gyu Choi and Won-ho Kim, who defeated Denmark, ranked 9th in the world, with a set score of 2-1 (13-21 21-12 21-18) in the semifinal match held the day before, gave up one set and continued a close match in the second set. However, in the 21-21 deuce situation, one end was lacking.

Meanwhile, women’s doubles Lee So-hee and Shin Seung-chan (2nd place in Incheon International Airport, world ranking above) set score 1-2 (21-9 14-21 18-21) with Japan’s Yuki Fukuhima and Sayaka Hirota (world 4th place) He lost and finished 3rd in the tournament.

In the mixed doubles world rankings, 6th place Seungjae Seo (Army Athletic Corps) and Yoojung Chae (Incheon International Airport) also finished the tournament in 3rd place after losing to 3rd place world rankings, Watanabe Yuta and Arisa Higashino of Japan.

[스포츠투데이 이서은 기자]




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