Archery, Regions’ Cup 2022: five medals for Liguria

Capaccio Paestum. The Liguria of archery achieved a brilliant team result in Capaccio Paestum, in Campania, last weekend, on the occasion of the 2022 Regions’ Cup.

Of the 18 athletes competing, 17 qualified for the clashes, while in the final stages the archers from Liguria won two gold medals (Lucia Elena, Olympic girls category, Biagio Boggiano, Olympic boys), one silver (Anna Rocca , Senior compound) and a bronze medal (Sara Panella, Senior Olympic). In Hunter and Field, another gold was won after a wonderful final by Fabio Fancello (Senior Olympic).

Thanks to these results, Liguria clearly improves its position in the general classification compared to the previous edition, ranking seventh among the Italian regions with 9207 points.

Great satisfaction from the Fitarco Liguria Regional Committee and the president Alessio Bevilacqua: “A round of applause goes to the boys and girls who participated in the event and to the regional technical team – says Bevilacqua – All of them brought up the colors of Liguria, giving great emotions and achieving excellent results. The archery Liguria thus confirms that it is a region with young promises ”.

And the young promises who finished first won, in addition to the podium, another special prize. The winning athletes of the individual clashes will, in fact, be invited during the year to participate in a meeting of the national teams, where they will meet the big names in Italian archery.


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