Archery, a youth competition on Thursday in Nurachi. And in September the Italians 3D


400 archers expected for the late summer event

The Annuagras association of Nurachi makes an appointment for next Thursday, June 23, for a regional youth archery competition. About thirty boys and girls, aged 9 to 18, are expected from sports clubs throughout Sardinia. They will be divided by age and by type of arch available.

Meanwhile, the Nurachi archers are working on another great event, scheduled from 23 to 25 September in the municipal pine forest and in the golf course not far away: the Italian 3D Specialty Championships.

The athletes will shoot their arrows from 24 pitches, with a distance ranging from 5 to 45 meters, aiming at animal targets made of polyurethane, in three dimensions. “A non-violent alternative to hunting,” explains the Nurachi sports club.

For the Italians, about 400 athletes enrolled in the Fitarco, young and old, are expected at the end of the summer, including some well-known faces.

Tuesday 21st June 2022

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