Anthony Davis is put in his place by the coach of the Lakers!

Times are troubled for Anthony Davis, and that’s not about to change. More recently, the big man took a cash comment from his new coach in the face… Decidedly, the former Pelican will have things to be forgiven for in 2022-23.

If the Lakers have disappointed so much this season, it is also because one of their main players has rarely been in his position. Anthony Davis finished one more campaign with a very low number of games on the clock, just 40 in 2021-22. It’s even worse than last year… In addition to that, the attitude of the interior worries, his last statement having fans screaming. The summer promises to be very complicated for him…

To make matters worse, The Brow must convince his new coach that he can return to the top level, because it is still far from being the case. Guest of Dan Patrick Show, Darvin Ham did not hide that the status of the player across the league had dropped drastically, because of his physical fragility. According to him, it is therefore up to No. 3 to climb the slope on his own like a grown-up, in order to prove that he is not finished and that he can still exploit his full potential:

Darvin Ham smashing on Anthony Davis’ health

The question of his health is very important as far as he is concerned. When you’re not able to stay healthy, it hinders your progress… The key for him has always been to be available on the pitch. When he’s healthy, he’s one of the top 5 or 7 players in our league. The most important thing is once again to lighten the load.

Ham is not afraid to challenge his players, as he did recently with Russell Westbrook. NBA champion as a player (2004 with the Pistons) and assistant coach (2020 with Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Bucks), he knows perfectly well what it takes to get the title. Having rubbed shoulders with the Greak Freak has allowed him to familiarize himself with unique athletic profiles in the racket, and we can therefore hope that he will be able to make the best use of AD’s qualities.

For this, however, it would already be necessary for the latter to be present on the floor. In ten seasons, he has exceeded the 70-game mark only twice, and he even remains for four years in a row below 65 games in one exercise. That’s way too little for a star of his caliber, so the former Pelican needs to make sure that changes. His physical transformation could perhaps help with that, that is at least what we can wish him.

Anthony Davis has been seriously put in his place by Darvin Ham, who has concretely challenged him to stay healthy next year. It is about his reputation but also the results of the Lakers, who need him to go far.

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