Andy Murray talks about his chances of success at Wimbledon 2022

His name will always be associated with this sport and if there is a stage in which he can shine, it is the All England Lawn Tennis Club. the debut of Andy Murray in Wimbledon 2022 He dispelled many of the doubts surrounding his muscular discomfort and, above all, he made all the fans on Center Court dream of a memorable performance by the Scotsman. Not starting as the top seed makes him have a very complicated road ahead of him, but the optimism that overflows at the press conference, his experience and winning intangibles, as well as the good tennis played against Duckworth, allow him to get excited about the journey of a myth of the tennis player who wants to continue shining his eternal legacy.

Sensations on the court and how you perceive your preparation for Wimbledon 2022

“Improving the rest has been key, that’s what has allowed me to turn the game around. It means a lot to me to play on this court, I don’t know how many more opportunities I’ll have to do it, so I want to take advantage of every game to give my best. I feel much better at a tennis level than last year. I have been able to train well these weeks, despite the unforeseen physical condition I had, and I love being at home because seeing my wife and my daughters gives me a special boost.” , commented.

“In 2016 I played about 80 games, which are practically the same as I have played between 2017 and 2022. It is very difficult to get back to my level when that happens because you lose a lot of competitive rhythm. Only at the end of last year and this start of the season I have been really well enough to compete regularly and the block of maximum demanding training that I did between Miami and the tour on grass has given my tennis more consistency. Every day I feel better and I only wish that it continues like this, “he declared. the British.

How do you feel about your physical discomfort and what do you expect from the duel against John Isner

“I felt good on a muscular level. I went on Saturday to have an ultrasound to verify that the muscle damage was already healed and it was, which is very positive. Obviously I have to take good care of myself, do the correct stretching and protect it, but today was perfect I had no pain,” said a man who is usually very good at serving like Isner. “It’s very difficult to play against players of that profile because they make you feel like you’re not in control, but I’ve usually done well against them, which gives me confidence. I’ve never played John on grass, so it’s going to be quite a challenge for me. I’m going to have to subtract better than I did today”, commented the one from Dunblane.

Use of the low serve and why it does not seem disrespectful to you

“I don’t understand why some people criticize it or see it as disrespectful. It’s just a legitimate way to serve and I do it when I see that my opponent is returning from far behind the baseline, in fact, It seems to me a very intelligent move at a tactical level because you send a message to the rival and make him not entirely comfortable and safe by subtracting from behind. I don’t see anyone criticizing or considering it disrespectful that he subtracts five meters behind the baseline, so I don’t see why it should be serving from the bottom. I have no problem with them doing it to me either”, warned an always sincere Andy Murrayexcited about his path in this Wimbledon 2022.



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