Against Peñarol, Biguá goes in search of the first sweep in the League with the format of seven finals

Biguá will look tonight against Peñarol for the first sweep in the finals of the Uruguayan Basketball League Since the format of the seven finals.

The fourth final between both teams will be played this Monday from the hour 21.30 this Monday in Antel Arena.

Tickets are sold at Tickantel and the match will be broadcast on VTV.

Biguá leads the series three to zero and he needs one more win to win his fourth Uruguayan League and stay one cup away from the top winner in the history of the tournament, which is Malvín, with five.

Victor Rudd, key piece of Biguá

The format of seven finals was implemented in the League from the 2012-2013 season in which Aguada defeated Defensor Sporting 4-3.

Since then, the most comfortable wins were those of Malvín against Defensor Sporting and Trouville, consecutively in the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons.

It should be remembered that in the last two editions of the League, a format of five finals was returned to as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In 18 editions of the tournament, four final sweeps were recorded, which represents 22.2% of the number of leagues played.

The last to sweep was Defensor Sporting, in 2009-2010, to Malvin. That was already 12 years ago.

the two-time champion Biguá from 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 They had no rivals in the finals as they beat Hebraica Macabi and Defensor Sporting 3-0.

The first to pass the broom was Alejandro “Yayo” González’s Trouville, beating Aguada 3-0 in the 2005-2006 season.

Liga Result
2003 Defender Sporting 3-2 Paysandu
2004-2005 Jump 3-1 Paysandu
2005-2006 Trouville 3-0 Aguada
2006-2007 Malvin 3-1 Bigua
2007-2008 Biguá 3-0 Hebraica Macabi
2008-2009 Biguá 3-0 Defender Sporting
2009-2010 Defender Sporting 3-0 Malvin
2010-2011 Malvin 3-1 Bigua
2011-2012 Hebrew Macabi 3-2 Malvín
2012-2013 Aguada 4-3 Defender Sporting
2013-2014 Malvin 4-1 Defender Sporting
2014-2015 Malvín 4-1 Trouville
2015-2016 Hebraica Macabi 4-2 Defender Sporting
2016-2017 Hebraica Macabi 4-3 Aguada
2017-2018 Malvin 4-3 Aguada
2018-2019 Aguada 4-3 Malvin
2019-2020 Aguada 3-1 Trouville
2021 Bigua 3-2 National

The finals

1st- Biguá 73-68
2nd- Biguá 107-92
3rd- Biguá 74-71



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