After seven missed shots, Talleres de Córdoba eliminated Chaco For Ever on penalties and advanced to the round of 16: this is how the Argentine Cup draw remained

The Sabalero and the Patron faced each other in the 16th final

In the Colossus Marcelo Bielsa of Newell’s there was a great show. The cold Rosario night delivered a great duel corresponding to the 16th final of the Argentine Cup, in which Patronage achieved the feat of eliminating Columbus of Santa Fe through penalties.

Although the set of Paraná showed great production in the first half, the sabalero was the one who had the clearest chance to get ahead through an execution from the twelve steps of Luis Miguel Rodriguez. the flea stood in front of the ball and fired a cross shot that defused Facundo Altamirano: the first surprise that made the fans delirious Pattern.

Despite the goalkeeper’s sacrifice, in the complement Ramon Wanchope Abila He put the cast led by Julio César Falcioni ahead with a great movement that included hooking to get rid of the mark and notable definition to hang the ball in the upper right corner of Altamirano. A great goal that seemed to point the way to the round of 16.

However, when the stopwatch Pablo Dovalo Ie was a quarter of an hour before closing, Alexander Sosa also showed off with a magnificent work that left no chance for Ignacio Chicco. The domain within the area and the perfect resolution formed the conquest that sealed the final 1-1 and led the series to suspense for the 11 metros.

Everything happened from the point of the penalty. A 50% effectiveness of the protagonists exposed the nervous load that was in the environment. The Uruguayan Diego Garcia started for the cast led by Facundo Sava and sent his shot over the crossbar. Next, Paolo Goltz he repeated the execution as if it were a rugby match. A lots of drops and few goals.

had to show up Alexander Sosa for the net to move again, while Cristian Bernardi He showed all his quality with another great goal from the corner. A few moments later, Franco Leys shot the archer and put El Patrón back in the lead, while Rodrigo Allendroclaimed by River in the current transfer market, could not with the resistance of Altamirano.

Finally, Raul Lozano scored again for those of Paraná and in the last shot Ramon Wanchope Abila he busted the stick with his cross attempt. Board of Trustees celebrated and advanced to the next phase, where they wait for the winner of the duel they will cheer on Gymnastics of La Plata y Flanders. In the Argentine Cup anything can happen. Even in penalties.

El Sabalero wasted three executions and was eliminated

Chaco For Ever 0-0 Córdoba Workshops

Talleres missed less than Chaco For Ever and qualified for the round of 16 of the Copa Argentina ()

In the second turn they faced Chaco For Ever y Cordoba Workshops in the Padre Martearena Stadium from Salta. After a pale goalless draw, definition by penalties, the Cordovans advanced because they were the ones who made the least mistakes since 14 shots only converted half. In the round of 16, the T will be measured against the winner of Aldosivi or Newell’s.

It was a meeting with few arrivals in which the differences in categories were not noticed, Talleres, current protagonist of the Professional League and for the first time qualified for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, and Chaco For Ever, who plays in the First Nacional, the second division of Argentine soccer.

They both searched, but had no depth to hurt. Supported by both biases, the Cordovans and Chaqueños did not find a way to open the scoring and the equality at zero determined the definition with shots from the twelve steps in which the lack of aim on both sides was distinguished. In that instance, both goalkeepers held back two shots each. On the Tallers side, their goalkeeper Alan Aguerre He showed off and with the last shot that the returnee converted Julius Buffarinithe Matador qualified for the round of 16.

Definition by penalties:

Workshops: Michael Santos, Matías Catalán (Joaquín Mattalía saved), Rodrigo Garro (hit the crossbar), Enzo Hernán Díaz, Federico Girotti (Joaquín Mattalía saved), Rafael Pérez and Julio Buffarini.

Chaco For Ever: Leandro Allende (cut off by Alan Aguerre), Álvaro Cuello (cut off by Alan Aguerre), Franco Canever (deviated, above the crossbar), Joaquín Mattalía, Gaspar Triverio, Matías Sebastián Romero and David Emanuel Valdez (hit the crossbar).





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