A retired grocer elected deputy under the RN banner in Yonne

At 73, Daniel Grenon, a retired grocer, allows the RN to obtain 1st constituency of Yonne, facing the ecologist Florence Loury.

A retired grocer will enter the Assembly. Daniel Grenon, 73, allowed the RN to conquer the 1st constituency of Yonne, obtaining 51.10% of the vote, against the ecologist Florence Loury (Nupes) in the second round of the legislative elections on Sunday.

In the first round, the one who likes to describe himself as a “free retiree” arrived just behind the candidate of the united left, with a gap of 125 votes, while the outgoing LR deputy Guillaume LarrivĂ© was eliminated sharply.

In the second round, he won with 700 votes in advance.

Born on July 31, 1948 and retired since 2010, the septuagenarian made his first appearance in politics in 2021 during the departmental elections, without success. He was also on the RN list led by Julien Odoul for the 2021 regionals.

This child of the country who claims a strong local anchorage and a “always” membership of the National Front. For a long time he ran a delicatessen specializing in regional products. This archery enthusiast has also invested in the sporting world, contributing to the creation of several clubs.



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