A man pretends to be a basketball player and scams 2,500 euros in drinks in a local

A 24-year-old man posing as a professional basketball player would have swindled 2,500 euros in entertainment venues in Valencia. A scam that would have occurred in luxury brand alcoholic beverages.

The National Police of Valencia has arrested this Thursday the individual, who was posing as a basketball player whose identity has not been revealed.

It all happened in the early hours of last Monday. The manager of a nightclub in Valencia notified the Police that he had detained to a client with a debt of 1,300 euros in champagne and a luxury brand of vodka.

When the agents came to the scene, the man pretended to be a professional basketball player, assuring that he had made the payment for these drinks.

According to what ‘EFE’ has reported, the day before he would have done the same in another place, leaving 1,200 euros owed in that case. the arrested, of Senegalese origin and with numerous police records for similar facts, has already gone to court.



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