a devastating mistake hits Aleix Espargaró

MontmelóThere are times in life when you don’t expect it and you’re stunned. The race that was supposed to be Aleix Espargaró’s big party has become a day to forget. Anger and disbelief have replaced the rage expected on the day I had to put the icing on an exceptional Catalan weekend in Montmeló. The Granollers rider, by mistake, celebrated that he was second when there was still a lap to go. When he realized that the race was not over, he tried to pick up the pace with the frustration of seeing his podium slip away. The stands, standing and with their hands on their heads, realized the mistake and saw with disbelief the sad end of an exceptional Espargaró Grand Prix won by Fabio Quartararo. In the end, Espargaró finished in fifth place.

The despair of Granollers when he waved the checkered flag was evident. With his head down, he stopped the bike in the first safe place he could find to shrink over the Aprilia, where the first tears began to fall. You couldn’t believe it. The desolation was terrifying, and when he returned to the pits, he burst into tears as his mechanics applauded him. His two young children, just the day they were years old, have tried to comfort him in tears.

The excitement that has reigned on the circuit since Thursday has faded with an unnecessarily cruel blow. Leader in training, poleman and after breaking the track and track record pole, Espargaró had left a Grand Prix that was already named after him. In the circuit where he dreamed of running since childhood, Aprilia could consolidate his ascent to the Olympus of the pilots. His sporting career is being long, thanks to many professional and personal sacrifices that have led him to enjoy his best moment today. Six years ago he arrived in Aprilia, where he found an uncompetitive motorcycle. Always at the back of the standings, the task of reassembling a historic team was gigantic. The Catalan took the helm and, like the captain of the boat, began rowing to return the Italian brand to the golden years, a few years that have already arrived. Espargaró arrived in Montmeló chaining four podiums in a row and fighting for the World Cup with Quartararo.

When the traffic lights went out, the start was clear for Espargaró, who managed to keep up the good pace set over the weekend when Fabio Quartararo overtook him and took the lead. Even the one in Granollers has gotten rid of an accident that could have ended in misfortune. In the first turn, Nakagami has starred in an action that has shrunk the heart of the whole paddock. The Japanese man slipped, fell and hit his helmet against the wheel of Pecco Bagnaia. His visor flew off and his helmet was badly damaged. As he slid down the asphalt, he dropped Alex Rins and Bagnaia himself. The fully conscious Honda rider had to be taken to the Circuit Hospital after a fright that could have ended much worse.

The race continued with a series of falls. Espargaró fought to the last minute with Jorge Martín for second place and then he made the mistake that left him off the podium. Finally, he finished in a fifth bittersweet position. But victories are not always tied to the first step nor are they subject to crossing the finish line first. Aleix Espargaró has signed a great weekend. The race was presented as the perfect opportunity to seal a Grand Prix to be framed in the home circuit. But often life is not pleasant or fair. When the moment of truth came, Fabio Quartararo shattered Espargaró’s dreams

“It’s one of the hardest days of my career. It’s one hundred percent my fault. I apologize to the team, it’s a very big mistake,” he admitted in the press room. “I noticed it when I saw that my computer was thought to have broken the engine. I’ve been pushing the throttle to the limit ever since because I didn’t even know what position it was in,” he added. aware that the loss of points has not been so great: of the 20 he had in the bag, he has finished with 9.

Results and podiums

  • Aron Canet leads but loses the duel in the last corner
    The Moto2 race has been hectic thanks to the duel between Celestino Vietti and Aron Canet. Despite the Valencian leading the final part of the race, the Italian from Valentino Rossi’s team overtook him in the last lap and relegated him to second place. The podium was closed by Augusto Fernández. The Moto 2 World Championship is led by Vietti with 133 points ahead of Ai Ogura (117) and Aron Canet (109).
  • Izan Guevara guanya to Moto 3
    The Barcelona-Catalonia circuit has been the scene of an open race, as is usual in Moto2. Among a group of seven drivers, all of them have been vying for the last minute. Izan Guevara crossed the finish line first after leading a few laps just ahead of David Muñoz and Tatsuki Suzuki. The Moto 3 World Championship is led by Sergio García Dols with 150 points ahead of Izan Guevara (134) and Jaume Masia (103).


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