A couple of great games on Sunday in the Rosario Basketball Super League – Diario El Ciudadano and the Region

Capra, by El Tala. Photo: Juanjo Cavalcante.

Echesortu will be local this Sunday from 8:30 p.m. against Gimnasia and El Tala will receive Caova at the same time in the two games scheduled for the continuation of the tenth day of the Superliga.

This date already had the triumphs of Sportivo América against Atalaya, Unión against Saladillo, Sportsmen against Ciclón and Temperley against Náutico.

The record table is headed by Talleres de Arroyo Seco with a record of 7-2, Temperley 7-3, Caova 5-2, El Tala 5-3, Sportsmen 5-3, Unión 5-3, Echesortu 4-4, Náutico 4-4, América 4-5, Atalaya 3-5, Cyclone 2-5, Gimnasia 1-4, Saladillo 0-9.

There will also be activity from the first B, since on date 12 they will play from 7:30 p.m. Náutico B against Echesortu B.


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