800 years of Benzingen: Nothing works without the Sieber family – Albstadt and the surrounding area

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Walter Sieber (left) is proud of his son Dirk (front right) and, in the presence of mayor Ewald Hoffmann, presents him with the anniversary baseball cap, which is also available for purchase. Photo: Eyrich

The family of the former mayor Walter Sieber is one of the assets in Benzingen. Her “outspoken” offspring, according to the father himself, has now been honored.

Winterlingen-Benzingen – It’s a shame for the female guests that Dirk Sieber put on the anniversary shirt with the inscription “Chief organizer” in a corner of the marquee at the anniversary “800 (+2) years of Benzingen”. Because he revealed his pretty tattooed luxury upper body.

How fortunate that his boy is such a “outspoken” commented Walter Sieber, the former Benzenger mayor and Winterlinger municipal councilor, jokingly, as he presented his son, the chairman of the festival committee, with the shirt and the first anniversary baseball cap – you never really see Dirk Sieber without one, according to the father – handed over. Of course, he is also proud of his son Kevin, who also worked on the festival committee, and the two brothers in turn are proud of their father, who was also a member of the “Jubilee Band” working group.

Mom can sit back and relax

Yes, without the Siebers, Benzingen would be poorer, especially since Dirk Sieber is now spokesman for the Benzingen clubs and – of course – an active member of the town council and Winterlingen municipal council.

Mother Ellen can be really proud of that – and lean back a little more than her sons and her husband on the anniversary: ​​After all, she made the main contribution to the existence of the Sieber family.

Even Einstein liked coming to Benzingen

Honor where honor is due: As a reward for his commitment, Dirk Sieber received the first minting of the commemorative coin for the local anniversary. On one side it shows the embossing with the anniversary number and the symbol of the town, the Benzinger water tower, and on the other side the town hall of Benzingen. It is similar, at least on the coin, to the vicarage to which Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein found his way several times to visit his friend Camillo Brandhuber, who was pastor in Benzingen from 1917 to 1924, as Mayor Michael Maier mentioned in his speech .

Patrick Simm from Simm GmbH in Renningen minted the coins in front of the entrance to the marquee. They are available in silver for 39 euros, in gold for 428 euros or in fine gold for 948 euros, but also for owners of smaller wallets, namely in pewter, brass, copper or bi-metal for five euros, with a setting and chain for 13 euros, or with a case or key fob for eight euros. A leather pouch for storage costs three euros.



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