2022 MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open in Wuhan ends – Xinhua

After two weeks of fierce battles, the 2022MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open Spring Split Wuhan Station ended on the 19th at Parrotti River Beach in Hanyang District, Wuhan.

Nearly 300 players from 17 teams from Wuhan primary and secondary schools and clubs competed in four age groups. In the end, the HANLIONS FUN team won the U6 group championship, Hubei Ehu team won the U8 group championship, and the Optics Valley Six Little Music Team won the U10 group championship.

Qian Ruochu, who was only 10 years old, won the “Best Base Runner” award, and his team, the Optics Valley Six Team, won the MLB CUP U10 championship. According to his mother, Qian Ruochu, who was weak since childhood, did not have smooth sailing in the process of learning baseball. From the bench to the main force, he would do his best no matter where he was. Baseball gave him confidence and growth.

Cui Lin, head of Hubei Ehu Baseball and Softball Club, the organizer of the competition, said that the MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open has been held for 15 consecutive years, and this year is the second in Wuhan. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the competition, Wuhan has increased from 2 groups of 10 teams last year to 17 teams in 4 groups this year. There will be more group competitions and related activities in the future. It is understood that there are currently about 20 primary schools, 4 middle schools and 10 universities offering baseball and softball classes in Wuhan.

Qi Dong, Managing Director of MLB China, went to the Wuhan Station to present awards to the young players. He said that the MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open has been upgraded globally this year, and the young players have the opportunity to communicate with teenagers who love baseball all over the world.

It is reported that the 2022 MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open Spring Split will be held simultaneously in Wuhan and Chongqing. (Liu Qing)


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